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2015-10-24: git-pbuilder 1.37

A couple more simple fixes in the continuing failure of this script to get rewritten in Python and integrated properly with the git-buildpackage distribution.... (But hey, I'm caught up on writing book reviews!)

When used with qemubuilder, it was checking for the existence of entirely the wrong file. Thanks to James Clarke for the patch.

Running git-pbuilder with a command requires sudo and an appropriate sudo configuration. There's not much we can do to detect the latter, but Guido Günther suggested at least detecting the former. git-pbuilder now does so and prints out a hopefully informative error. This is also better-documented in the man page.

You can get the latest release from my scripts page.

2015-10-31: Vacation book haul

Reading on vacation always puts me in the mood to buy more books, including a couple that I picked up while on vacation. (I only read one, but that one, Ancillary Mercy, was certainly worth it.)

Ta-Nehisi Coates — Between the World and Me (non-fiction)
Kameron Hurley — Empire Ascendant (sff)
Kameron Hurley — Rapture (sff)
Jenny Lawson — Furiously Happy (non-fiction)
Ann Leckie — Ancillary Mercy (sff)
Kaori Mori — Bride's Story: Volume 2 (graphic novel)
Kaori Mori — Bride's Story: Volume 3 (graphic novel)
Randall Munroe — xkcd: Volume 0 (strip collection)
Jo Walton — The Philosopher Kings (sff)
Fumi Yoshinaga — Ōoku: Volume 3 (graphic novel)

Infidel, the middle book of the Bel Dame Apocrypha trilogy by Kameron Hurley, was out of stock, so I'll have to re-order. I might put in another book order shortly to get that plus a few other things, although really I could just take that time to go read more books.

Back from vacation now, so fell out of the reading habit a bit. I've been doing other stuff on the train, but shortly I'll get back into it.

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