Vacation book haul

Reading on vacation always puts me in the mood to buy more books, including a couple that I picked up while on vacation. (I only read one, but that one, Ancillary Mercy, was certainly worth it.)

Ta-Nehisi Coates — Between the World and Me (non-fiction)
Kameron Hurley — Empire Ascendant (sff)
Kameron Hurley — Rapture (sff)
Jenny Lawson — Furiously Happy (non-fiction)
Ann Leckie — Ancillary Mercy (sff)
Kaori Mori — Bride's Story: Volume 2 (graphic novel)
Kaori Mori — Bride's Story: Volume 3 (graphic novel)
Randall Munroe — xkcd: Volume 0 (strip collection)
Jo Walton — The Philosopher Kings (sff)
Fumi Yoshinaga — Ōoku: Volume 3 (graphic novel)

Infidel, the middle book of the Bel Dame Apocrypha trilogy by Kameron Hurley, was out of stock, so I'll have to re-order. I might put in another book order shortly to get that plus a few other things, although really I could just take that time to go read more books.

Back from vacation now, so fell out of the reading habit a bit. I've been doing other stuff on the train, but shortly I'll get back into it.

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