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2021-11-07: Modifying the Debian resolution process

I have been working on a draft GR to modify the process used by the Technical Committee and for General Resolutions to prepare a ballot for vote, with a goal of fixing several issues that were uncovered by recent votes. My plan is to propose this formally as a GR on November 13th.

For those reading my journal who are Debian Developers or who are interested in Debian process, you may want to read the draft resolution and the previous discussion. Constitutional changes require a 3:1 majority, so my goal is to reach as broad of a consensus in the project on these changes as possible. All feedback welcome, and also let me know if there is a reason to postpone making this a formal GR and thus starting the discussion period clock.

The most recent draft is at:

Previous drafts and resulting discussion are at:

and also see the discussion thread starting here:

2021-11-28: Fall haul

It's been a while since I've posted one of these, and I also may have had a few moments of deciding to support authors by buying their books even if I'm not going to get a chance to read them soon. There's also a bit of work reading in here.

Ryka Aoki — Light from Uncommon Stars (sff)
Frederick R. Chromey — To Measure the Sky (non-fiction)
Neil Gaiman, et al. — Sandman: Overture (graphic novel)
Alix E. Harrow — A Spindle Splintered (sff)
Jordan Ifueko — Raybearer (sff)
Jordan Ifueko — Redemptor (sff)
T. Kingfisher — Paladin's Hope (sff)
TJ Klune — Under the Whispering Door (sff)
Kiese Laymon — How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America (non-fiction)
Yuna Lee — Fox You (romance)
Tim Mak — Misfire (non-fiction)
Naomi Novik — The Last Graduate (sff)
Shelley Parker-Chan — She Who Became the Sun (sff)
Gareth L. Powell — Embers of War (sff)
Justin Richer & Antonio Sanso — OAuth 2 in Action (non-fiction)
Dean Spade — Mutual Aid (non-fiction)
Lana Swartz — New Money (non-fiction)
Adam Tooze — Shutdown (non-fiction)
Bill Watterson — The Essential Calvin and Hobbes (strip collection)
Bill Willingham, et al. — Fables: Storybook Love (graphic novel)
David Wong — Real-World Cryptography (non-fiction)
Neon Yang — The Black Tides of Heaven (sff)
Neon Yang — The Red Threads of Fortune (sff)
Neon Yang — The Descent of Monsters (sff)
Neon Yang — The Ascent to Godhood (sff)
Xiran Jay Zhao — Iron Widow (sff)

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