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2012-10-01: Small haul

Life has been seriously chaotic for the last two weeks plus, but company has now all left and I have my apartment to myself again. Parts of it were wonderfully fun, particularly the past week, but it's also been very distracting, and I'm looking forward to a return to normalcy.

This was a small, impulsive buy partly to support an author and partly to pick up some new books that I was feeling particularly interested in. Most of these are probably coming along with me on vacation.

Damian Broderick & Paul Di Filippo — Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels 1985 – 2010 (non-fiction)
Rebecca Solnit — A Paradise Built in Hell (non-fiction)
Genevieve Valentine — Mechanique (sff)
Elizabeth Wein — Code Name Verity (mainstream)

2012-10-17: Vacation haul

So, it's time for my annual vacation, and that means reading. Lots and lots of reading. It also means a trip to the best used book store (and also the best remaindered book store) that I get to go to regularly. And, as usual when I walk into a really good used book store with my entire list, I come away with a lot of books. Rather more than I should probably buy, given the cold mathematics of number of books, reading time, and life span....

Lyn Benedict — Suns & Shadows (sff)
Gregory Benford — Great Sky River (sff)
Anne Bishop — The Shadow Queen (sff)
Patricia Briggs — Cry Wolf (sff)
Emma Bull — Bone Dance (sff)
Adam-Troy Castro — Emissaries from the Dead (sff)
C.J. Cherryh — Fortress in the Eye of Time (sff)
Stephen R. Donaldson — The Real Story (sff)
Kate Elliot — Cold Magic (sff)
M.A. Foster — The Gameplayers of Zan (sff)
Jane Emerson — City of Diamond (sff)
Simon R. Green — Deathstalker (sff)
Phyllis Gotlieb — Sunburst (sff)
Barbara Hambly — The Silent Tower (sff)
Barbara Hambly — The Silicon Mage (sff)
Tanya Huff — Valor's Choice (sff)
Tanith Lee — Biting the Sun (sff)
David Marusek — Counting Heads (sff)
Judith Moffett — Pennterra (sff)
Christopher Priest — The Prestige (sff)
Laura E. Reeve — Peacekeeper (sff)
Alastair Reynolds — House of Suns (sff)
Kristine Kathryn Rusch — Alien Influences (sff)
Joanna Russ — We Who Are About To... (sff)
Carl Sagan — Contact (sff)
Melissa Scott — The Game Beyond (sff)
Melissa Scott & Lisa A. Barnett — The Armor of Light (sff)
Ryk E. Spoor — Grand Central Arena (sff)
Charles Stross — The Clan Corporate (sff)
Sheri S. Tepper — The Gate to Women's Country (sff)
Jack Vance — Madouc (sff)
Joan D. Vinge — The Summer Queen (sff)
Joan D. Vinge — World's End (sff)
Walter Jon Williams — Angel Station (sff)
Sarah Zettel — Reclamation (sff)

At least a few of these I'll probably read while on vacation.

There will be considerably more reviews coming shortly, since I'm trying to catch up. I'm almost done with the books that I read before vacation, although of course I've subsequently read four books while on vacation. I need to review a couple a day to catch up.

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