Posts for July 2003

2003-07-02: kftgt 1.6

I finally got around to putting kftgt up on my web site. This is the hack that we use to forward Kerberos v4 tickets, until such time as we can switch entirely over to Kerberos v5. Not sure if it will really be of use or interest to anyone else, but my sense of completeness demanded putting it up somewhere, so while I was making some other changes anyway....

2003-07-09: spin 1.32

As we're starting to use spin more for things at work, I expect various new things will turn up. This is the first; Tim mentioned that it would be really useful while writing a test suite for our build to be able to include verbatim blocks of HTML in documents otherwise written in spin for testing things like SSI. So I added \verbatim.

New version in the normal place.

2003-07-09: podlators 1.27

Just picking up a minor update from the Perl tree to deal with cases where HOME isn't set in the environment (like on Windows). Only Pod::Text::Termcap is affected.

The new release is at the podlators page.

2003-07-09: cl2xhtml 1.6

This was the first time in a while that I looked at the HTML output of my ChangeLog to XHTML converter, and it looks like my choice of   for the separator between the date and the person wasn't a good one. Neither Ariel nor FreeSans appear to have a glyph for that character, so it looks horrible on Mozilla on Linux for me.

Now changed to  , which looks much better. The new version is available from my web tools page.

2003-07-11: RSS now showing full entries

With some external prompting, I finally got around to looking at how to include complete entries in the RSS feed rather than just excerpts. I think I now have that working, but this post is in part to check.

I still haven't set up a better way for myself to read journal entries (and it looks like the lack of complete feeds for most journals is going to be a problem; few people seem to distribute complete entries via RSS). At some point I'll get back to working on that. I'll probably start by seeing how the nnrss backend in Gnus works.

2003-07-16: tracker 1.0

I've been cleaning out various locally written software, moving it into CVS, making real source packages, adding real configure scripts and makefiles, adding make dist targets, and the like. This was one of the locally written packages that I came across that I thought might be generally useful, so I put it out on my software page.

tracker is an extremely lightweight software usage tracking system that we use to check things like whether anyone is using an old software package. It's proven rather handy and very stable over the years.

2003-07-24: spin 1.36

Available from the usual place. I finally added complete documentation for the thread macro language and cleaned up some other portions of the docs. spin is also now smart enough to copy over .htaccess files.

Getting closer and closer to the full set of features needed to do all of our web pages. Now I just need to find some more time to convert web pages over to thread.

2003-07-24: remctl 1.3

Here's the first public release of remctl, a Kerberos v5 replacement for sysctl. It's basically a way of executing commands on a remote system, sort of like rsh, but with GSSAPI authentication and checking an ACL first so that one can strictly limit who can run which commands.

I didn't write this; Anton Ushakov (from my same group) did. I just do some release management, and put it up on my web pages primarily since some of our peer institutions were interested in taking a look at it.

2003-07-24: Programming languages

I've had the opportunity over the past few days to write some more C code again, and have rediscovered just how much more fun I find writing C than writing Perl. I'm considerably more productive in Perl, but it just isn't as much fun.

This is sort of annoying, because most of the stuff I work on is really better suited to Perl.

Maybe it isn't the language so much. Maybe it's actually the sort of code that I'm writing. Writing network protocol implementations and security software is really a lot more fun than writing log parsers and code that fiddles around with directory data. But I think it's more than that. There's something elegant and minimalist about C, like I'm using the most effective, most tightly honed tool for the job, that I don't get from Perl.

I should probably write more Python and see if I get more of that feeling from it. I think I might if I really embraced the whole object-oriented nature of it.

2003-07-25: mdfrm 1.6

Russell Steinthal sent me a patch to mdfrm that added options to only show unread messages and to display a count of messages (suitable for being called out of .profile or the like). With a few changes to the implementation (and then some debugging of my changes), I've released a new version including them.

I love free software. I haven't had to think of what new features mdfrm should have for quite a while now; people just keep sending me things.

You can get the new version from the mdfrm page.

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