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2021-05-31: Mostly preorder haul

Some books that I had preordered, plus various other things that I failed to resist. There was a whole wave of new book releases this spring, most of which I have not yet read (in part because of the detour to re-read and review the Chronicles of Narnia).

Becky Chambers — The Galaxy, and the Ground Within (sff)
Richard Ben Cramer — What It Takes (nonfiction)
J.S. Dewes — The Last Watch (sff)
Anand Giridharadas — Winners Take All (nonfiction)
Lauren Hough — Leaving Isn't the Hardest Thing (nonfiction)
S.L. Huang — Burning Roses (sff)
Jane McAlevey — A Collective Bargain (nonfiction)
K.B. Spangler — Stoneskin (sff)
K.B. Spangler — The Blackwing War (sff)
Natalie Zina Walschots — Hench (sff)
Martha Wells — Fugitive Telemetry (sff)

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