Posts for August 2015

2015-08-16: Net::Duo 1.01

Net::Duo is a Perl implementation of the Duo API that's a bit more comprehensive and sophisticated than the sample code provided by Duo Security. This release is a compatibility bug fix that adjusts for a change in JSON::XS 3.0 that broke automatic mapping of boolean values in some JSON generation. It should hopefully continue to work with older versions of JSON::XS as well.

You can get the latest versiom from the Net::Duo distribution page.

2015-08-16: git-pbuilder 1.35

Today is the day for minor software releases. It's amazing how much more free time I have when I'm not unpacking boxes.

Osamu Aoki submitted a bug report a while back asing for --update, --create, and --login to be supported as options to git-pbuilder, in addition to the versions without leading hyphens, since pbuilder and cowbuilder require the hyphens and people are used to typing them. I've finally merged his patch and released git-pbuilder 1.35 with that change. It will probably show up in git-buildpackage shortly.

(Still need to rewrite this script in Python one of these days so that it can be properly and fully merged with git-buildpackage.)

You can get the latest version of git-pbuilder from my scripts page.

2015-08-16: backport 1.32

Yet another relatively minor update.

What with all the other stuff that's been going on in my life in the past year, I never updated my backport script to support backports to jessie or to reflect the new stable release. This release does that, at some email prompting (thank you!).

It also adds a new -A or --architecture flag to specify which build architecture to pass to pdebuild. I have no idea if this works, but it at least should in theory.

You can get the latest version of my backport script from my scripts page.

2015-08-18: C TAP Harness 3.4

Nothing particularly exciting in this release of my C testing framework, but aherbert on Github found a segfault in the runtests driver with test lists that had only blank lines and comments. Since I'm releasing some other software anyway, that seemed to be worth a release.

While preparing the release, I found that the test for spelling errors in the POD documentation had some bad assumptions about how to canonicalize paths, so you may want to grab a new copy of that if you're using it in your projects.

You can get the latest release from the C TAP Harness distribution page.

2015-08-18: rra-c-util 5.8

Another collection of random bug fixes in my general C utility library. Fixes a missing va_end, a segfault in buffer_find_string with new buffers, and how relative paths are computed in Test::RRA::Automake. Also adds a portability layer for the MIT Kerberos kadm5_init_krb5_context function.

You can get the latest release from the rra-c-util distribution page.

2015-08-18: krb5-sync 3.1

Another relatively minor release, this of a software package that I've technically orphaned. But, well, it needed a fix, and it only took a few hours. krb5-sync is a system for synchronizing passwords from a Kerberos KDC to an Active Directory realm (which I no longer personally use).

The primary change in this release is some tweaks to the silent mode of krb5-sync-backend to keep it from spamming output about transient errors if accounts are slow to materialize on the Active Directory side. It also incorporates changes from the Debian packaging to relax the timing on some tests.

You can get the latest version from the krb5-sync distribution page.

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