Posts for March 2023

2023-03-31: rra-c-util 10.4

rra-c-util is my library of supporting functions, code, Autoconf macros, and similar portability and build machinery helpers. This is a very minor release, made mostly because I haven't done a non-work free software release in rather too long.

This release adds serial numbers to all of the provided Autoconf macros, which enables some features in Automake's aclocal tool. It properly fixes the portable/getnameinfo test that the last release tried to fix (thanks again to Julien ÉLIE). And it incorporates some new perltidy flags into my standard perltidy configuration that were added in the 20230309 release (also thanks to Julien ÉLIE for the heads up).

You can get the latest release from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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