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2016-05-07: C TAP Harness 4.0

When I originally wrote my test framework for C, I used SOURCE and BUILD as the preprocessor symbols and environment variables that pointed to the source and build directories of the software being tested. Subsequent discussion and thought convinced me that I should have used some sort of prefix on those variables to distinguish from other uses.

This release starts the process of changing to C_TAP_SOURCE and C_TAP_BUILD instead. You now have to use the new names when setting preprocessor directives when building the test harness. For now, the test harness will set all four environment variables, but test code should switch to the new environment variables, since I'll drop the old SOURCE and BUILD variables in a later release.

I also fixed a missing va_end() call in is_double(), thanks to a report from Julien ÉLIE.

You can get the latest release from the C TAP Harness distribution page.

2016-05-07: rra-c-util 6.0

Quite some time ago, I added strlcat and strlcpy functions to my portability C library. I've subsequently become convinced that those functions are a bad idea, and have been moving all of my code to asprintf and other functions. This release completes that change for all the code provided by rra-c-util and removes strlcpy and strlcat from rra-c-util.

network_set_freebind, network_set_reuseaddr, and network_set_v6only, to set various socket options, are now public functions, since INN wanted to use them directly rather than only as part of other interfaces.

This release also has new Autoconf probes for Perl that assist with linking with embedded Perl, checking the Perl version, and checking for Perl modules, and a fix to the OpenSSL Autoconf macros for 1.1.0. It also adds a replacement for gss_oid_equal for older versions of Heimdal that lack it.

Finally, rra-c-util 6.0 implements the transition in C TAP Harness 4.0 from SOURCE and BUILD to C_TAP_SOURCE and C_TAP_BUILD for all the test suite helper code provided by this package.

You can get the latest version from the rra-c-util distribution page.

2016-05-07: remctl 3.11

The primary change in this release is porting the remctl extension to PHP 7. PHP 7.0 included a major change to the PHP API for binary extensions, which required quite a lot of porting (contributed by Nish Aravamudan). Due to the depth of the changes, the extension has been forked and the PHP 5 version of the extension should be considered frozen. Currently, they both provide the same functionality, but expect new functionality to be released only for PHP 7 or later.

This release also includes numerous portability fixes for older versions of Heimdal and numerous fixes to the RPM spec, both thanks to Jeffrey Hutzelman.

You can get the latest release from the remctl distribution page.

2016-05-08: BookRiot's SF/F by Female Authors

A list by Nikki Steele of the 100 best SF and fantasy novels by female authors (in her subjective take), published on BookRiot, has been making the rounds, with people noting which of those they've read. These crop up from time to time, and I've always been tempted to do the work to track the list over time the way that I track award winners. I had some free time this afternoon, so went ahead and set that up (although I badly need to refactor or rewrite a lot of my review posting code).

An extra advantage is that I can publish the list as a separate web page so that I don't spam RSS readers with a huge list.

The list, annotated with ratings and reviews where I've read the books, is under the reviews section of my web site. As I have time, I may add more lists. I'm also (slowly) working on the project of adding all the nominees for major awards and annotating those, since often the short lists contain a lot of interesting material too.

One big caveat for this list: Steele only lists the first book of series, and in many cases the first book isn't very good and is far from the best of the series. So you'll see some anomalous low ratings here for first books that improve later on.

2016-05-28: Another small book haul

Book reading is happening, and more book review posting will be happening. I'm a bit behind in writing reviews, but the holiday weekend is a good opportunity to do a bit of catching up.

In the meantime, here are some new acquisitions:

Roxanne J. Coady & Joy Johannessen (ed.) — The Books That Changed My Life (nonfiction)
James S.A. Corey — Caliban's War (sff)
James S.A. Corey — Abaddon's Gate (sff)
Max Gladstone — Full Fathom Five (sff)
Max Gladstone — Last First Snow (sff)
N.K. Jemisin — The Fifth Season (sff)
Guy Gavriel Kay — Children of Earth and Sky (sff)
Naomi Novik — Uprooted (sff)
Ada Palmer — Too Like the Lightning (sff)
Graydon Saunders — Safely You Deliver (sff)
Neal Stephenson — Seveneves (sff)
Jeff VanderMeer — Annihilation (sff)

This is mostly catching up on books that were nominated for awards. I want to read the (legitimate) nominees for Hugo best novel this year if I can find the time, and VanderMeer won the Nebula last year. The rest of Gladstone's series to date was on sale, and I really liked the first book. And of course a new Guy Gavriel Kay is buy on sight.

I'm currently re-reading The Sarantine Mosaic, since I read that before I started writing reviews and Children of Earth and Sky is apparently set in historical contact with it. (It's possible all of Kay's historical fantasies are set in the same universe, but they're usually fairly disconnected.)

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