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2012-05-11: C TAP Harness 1.12

After a fairly quiet last year with this project, I'm making quite a few more releases this year.

This release fixes some remaining shell portability issues (avoiding local) that I had intended to fix last release but didn't fix completely, and documents a nasty interaction with backquotes and double-quotes with here documents on Solaris. It also updates the handling of __attribute__ in tests/tap/macros.h to avoid warnings on more compilers and adds the UNUSED macro. Finally, it fixes some minor output nits in the C TAP library if bail is called after plan_lazy but before running any tests.

You can get the latest version from the C TAP Harness distribution page.

2012-05-11: rra-c-util 4.4

Lots of changes in this release, since it incorporates a bunch of portability fixes to remctl by Jeffrey Hutzelman and significant improvements to the PAM utility library and test framework that will be in the next release of pam-krb5.

The PAM utility library now does not append the PAM error if the provided PAM status is PAM_SUCCESS, avoiding meaningless error messages.

The PAM test library now supports regular expression matching of output and prompt lines. Support for the %* wildcard has been removed, since regular expressions provide the same functionality in an improved way. As part of this change, the structure of the output returned by the fakepam pam_output function has changed, so callers that look directly at that will need code changes.

The PAM test framework no longer copies the provided password to PAM_AUTHTOK but instead provides separate configuration for setting PAM_AUTHTOK and PAM_OLDAUTHTOK. This allows testing of different behavior for prompting and stored passwords. There are also numerous other, more minor improvements to the testing framework.

The Autoconf macros RRA_LIB_GSSAPI and RRA_LIB_KRB5 now pass --deps to krb5-config if it's supported so that they link with all libraries by default. This fixes some problems in some build situations. Pass --enable-reduced-depends to configure to only link with libraries that are used directly. RRA_LIB_GSSAPI also now falls back to manual probing if gssapi isn't supported, rather than assuming GSS-API libraries are in the default set.

There are also portability and cleanup improvements to the Kerberos and remctl TAP add-ons, and the same changes here as in C TAP Harness for suppressing warnings about __attribute__ handling with some compilers.

Finally, several portability bugs in the network test suite were fixed.

You can get the latest release from the rra-c-util distribution page.

2012-05-11: krb5-strength 1.1

This was a bit of a last-minute project for this afternoon, since we discovered some inconsistencies between our documentation and the rules that our password strength checking was imposing. While I was at it, I tightened some other rules that had been reported over the past couple of years.

In the embedded CrackLib library, the minimum password length is now eight characters, and a duplicated dictionary word is also rejected. In the wrapper around the CrackLib call, krb5-strength also now checks for a password formed by adding digits to the end of the username and rejects that.

This release also allows building with the system CrackLib if one doesn't mind the weaker checking, and fixes the internal CrackLib to use consistent variable sizes on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. This will fix interoperability issues with databases built on a platform with a different native integer size.

There are also lots of updates to the build system, test infrastructure, and portability layer, since it had been a while since I released this package.

You can get the latest version from the krb5-strength distribution page.

2012-05-12: filter-syslog 2.2

This release adds support for a few additional rsyslogd output formats. We're experimenting with different formats that give us saner dates, but that required both changes to filter-syslog to understand them and a tightening of some of the regexes to match the traditional format so that it doesn't misinterpret the other formats.

The new formats added are rsyslogd's FileFormat and SyslogProtocol23Format default templates.

This new support underscores what turned out to be the best architectural design of filter-syslog: the separation of basic format parsing from the rules. Because filter-syslog separates out the program name and log line, I can add support for new formats without changing any rules. I wasn't thinking about that at the time, but it turned out to be very important.

You can get the latest version from the filter-syslog distribution page.

2012-05-13: Small book haul

A few pre-orders, a special, and a book to make the minimum order for Amazon shipping.

Gail Carriger — Soulless (sff)
Charlaine Harris — Living Dead in Dallas (sff)
Kameron Hurley — God's War (sff)
T.H. White — The Goshawk (non-fiction)

Contrary to how it may appear from the lack of new reviews, I have been reading, but I've been slowly working on a book (an RPG sourcebook) that's taking me a long time to read. I still have three more books from vacation that I need to write reviews of, too. But there have been a lot of distractions, such as getting back to video games.

The main distraction, though, has been that I've finally rotated off of doing a bunch of more social projects at work and have gotten back to serious coding, and that's been so much fun that it's been hard to concentrate on anything else and I've been working rather more than 40 hours a week. Which also means that Debian is falling a bit by the wayside at the moment, but I'm sure this will change with time. In the meantime, expect even more new software releases.

2012-05-30: podlators 2.4.1

This release is long overdue, and still didn't include all of the work that I wanted to do. There remain serious issues with encodings and character sets in the POD translation, and I need to figure out how to handle that, particularly for Pod::Man. But at least it closes a bunch of bugs.

The changes are a bunch of random things: AE ligatures weren't handled properly, there was a lot of cleanup of groff warnings and fixes for roffitall processing of all the documentation, a fix for spurious duplication of the URL using L<> syntax in Pod::Man, fixes for exit status and not leaving behind empty output files in pod2text and pod2man, a fix for how PerlIO layer detection is done, and finally a fix for running the test suite in parallel.

You can get the latest release from CPAN or from the podlators distribution page.

2012-05-31: rra-c-util 4.5

This is a relatively minor update, but since I'm releasing another client package, I may as well put out a new release. There are two Kerberos portability changes: defining KRB5_WELLKNOWN_NAME and KRB5_ANON_NAME to use to construct the anonymous Kerberos identity, and adding a replacement for krb5_free_string for use with krb5_cc_get_full_name. The PAM utility library now better handles a NULL pam_args struct. And the PAM testing library does less automatic setup to make it easier to test more PAM invocation scenarios.

You can get the latest release from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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