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2020-11-14: PGP::Sign 1.04

The refactor of PGP::Sign in the 1.00 release to use IPC::Run instead of hand-rolled process management code broke signing large files, which I discovered when trying to use the new module to sign checkgroups for the Big Eight Usenet hierarchies.

There were two problems: IPC::Run sets sockets to talk to the child process to non-blocking, and when you pass a scalar in as the data to pass to a child socket, IPC::Run expects to use it as a queue and thus doesn't send EOF to the child process when the input is exhausted.

This release works around both problems by handling non-blocking writes to the child using select and using a socket to write the passphrase to the child process instead of a scalar variable. It also adds a test to ensure that signing long input keeps working.

You can get the latest release from CPAN or from the PGP::Sign distribution page.

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