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2015-09-13: Accumulated haul

I haven't posted one of these in a while, but now that I'm finally caught up with writing reviews (although not posting them yet), I've been feeling about reading again. And of course the backlog always grows. Let's see if I can figure out what I've picked up since the last post.

Catherine Asaro — The Phoenix Code (sff)
Annie Bellet — Justice Calling (sff)
Annie Bellet — Murder of Crows (sff)
Annie Bellet — Pack of Lies (sff)
Zen Cho — Sorcerer to the Crown (sff)
J.J. Gribble — Steel Victory (sff)
Judith L. Herman — Trauma and Recovery (non-fiction)
Janis Ian & Mike Resnick — Stars: The Anthology (sff anthology)
Megg Jensen — Hidden (sff)
T. Kingfisher — Bryony and Roses (sff)
T. Kingfisher — The Seventh Bride (sff)
Nancy Kress — Crossfire (sff)
Edmond Lau — The Effective Engineer (non-fiction)
Yoon Ha Lee — The Fox's Tower and Other Tales (sff collection)
Lozzi Roma — Rome and the Vatican (non-fiction)
Elizabeth Lynn — The Dancers of Arun (sff)
Elizabeth Lynn — The Northern Girl (sff)
Rhonda Mason — Empress Game (sff)
Vonda N. McIntyre — Starfarers (sff)
Linda Nagata — Memory (sff)
Jody Lynn Nye — Strong Arm Tactics (sff)
Cat Rambo — Near + Far (sff)
Kristine Kathryn Rusch — The Diving Bundle (sff collection)
Kristine Kathryn Rusch — Recovering Apollo 8 (sff)
L. Shelby — Serendipity's Tide (sff)
L. Shelby — Treachery's Harbor (sff)
L. Shelby — Fealty's Shore (sff)
K.B. Spangler — Digital Divide (sff)
Judith Tarr — Forgotten Suns (sff)
Greg van Eekhout — California Bones (sff)

Hm, that's quite a lot. Most of it is various ebooks I picked up from various places, including a Humble Bundle. I've been impulse-buying a lot of stuff based on James Nicoll's reviews. The travel guide was a gift from a friend from a vacation in Italy.

2015-09-19: pam-afs-session 2.6

I no longer use this PAM module, since I don't use AFS any more, and it's actually orphaned. But there was a bug report against the Debian package that was actually a PAM issue, not an AFS issue, so I went ahead and fixed that.

The bug was that running sudo when you had the AFS PAM module enabled would delete your tokens. This was because sudo calls pam_setcred and pam_open_session in a somewhat strange way, leading the PAM module to think that sudo was taking ownership of the token but without putting the user in a new PAG. Then, when sudo closed its PAM session, the module would erroneously delete the token.

The fix is to not set the flag to skip subsequent open_session and close_session handling when called with PAM_REINITIALIZE_CRED or PAM_REFRESH_CRED. This preserves correct session handling behavior and avoids this issue.

Also with this release, I finally rewrote the test suite to use my generic PAM test suite code, and got rid of a bunch of old, legacy testing code. I lost one test for which the new test framework doesn't have enough hooks, but it wasn't particularly important, and the new code is much cleaner and more data-driven.

There are also a few other, accumulated fixes, such as a compilation fix on Solaris 11, and a significant modernization of all of my common support libraries. (The last official release was in 2011!)

You can get the latest version from the pam-afs-session distribution page.

2015-09-21: INN 2.6.0

This is the first major release of INN in several years, and incorporates lots of updates to the build system, protocol support, and the test suite. Major highlights and things to watch out for:

There are also tons of accumulated bug fixes, including (of course) all the fixes that were in INN 2.5.5. There are a lot of other changes, so I won't go into all the details here. If you're curious, take a look at the NEWS file.

As always, thanks to Julien ÉLIE for preparing this release and doing most of the maintenance work on INN!

You can get the latest version from the official ISC download page or from my personal INN pages. The latter also has links to the full changelog and the other INN documentation.

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