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2011-05-05: rra-c-util 3.4

This is a minor bug fix release. There was a lingering problem in the previous release when probing for Heimdal GSS-API on OpenBSD that should now be really fixed, various compilation warnings from GCC 4.6.1's new unused variable detection have been cleaned up, and the warning flags have been updated for GCC 4.6.1. This release also adds casts to the pam-util library in some places that would be needed for -Wconversion, but alas that flag is still not usable due to its mishandling of the system header htons macro.

You can get the latest release from the rra-c-util distribution page.

2011-05-11: WebAuth 3.7.4

The initial goal of this release was to get some bug fixes out the door so that we could use the release as the basis for upcoming multifactor authentication work. But I'd promised to look at a few other things "for the next release," so there was more in here than I was expecting.

The major new feature is support for optional authentication (also known as "lazy sessions" or "passive authentication." This allows one to designate some web pages as optionally authenticated. If an authentication cookie exists, WebAuth will put the authenticated identity in the environment as normal. If the user is not already authenticated, WebAuth will do nothing and still allow access. The authentication status can then be checked by dynamic content and the user offered a login link if they desire.

Also in this release is a workaround for an MIT Kerberos client library bug in the password change code in WebLogin, a compatibility fix with new versions of libwww-perl around certificate verification in WebLogin, compilation fixes with Solaris 10 and Red Hat Enterprise 5, and other, more minor bug fixes.

You can get the latest version from the official WebAuth pages or from my WebAuth distribution page.

2011-05-11: spin 1.77

This is a fairly minor bug fix release. The \image command was always attempting to size the image with Image::Size to produce width and height attributes, but Image::Size of course requires a path and the argument to \image may be a URL. Now, spin checks whether the file exists first and does not attempt to size the image if it's not found, avoiding undefined warnings from the latest version of Perl.

This isn't a great solution. I really want to find a way of sizing even images that are specified with non-relative URLs, perhaps by calculating the file location based on a base URL. But I don't have time to work on something better at the moment.

You can get the latest version from my web tools distribution page.

2011-05-19: git-pbuilder 1.20

I've been sadly neglecting this script, but tonight I finally found some time to catch up on all the suggestions and bug reports that Guido Günther has been letting me know about (and I greatly appreciate that!). This version merges in all the good ideas people have had.

This version removes the -i and -I flags passed to dpkg-source when the package format is 3.0, since with 3.0 packages, dpkg-source both already ignores Git files by default and ignores various other things that were not included in the pattern. It also offers much better configuration methods for the ignore patterns, which git-pbuilder was overriding. So that's all skipped now for 3.0 packages. git-pbuilder still passes in the ignore flags for 1.0 packages, since they don't ignore Git files by default.

The environment variable BUILDER can now be set to choose the builder, which is still cowbuilder by default. The other supported option is qemubuilder, and for it git-pbuilder selects an appropriate configuration file.

Additional flags for the builder can be set in the GIT_PBUILDER_OPTIONS environment variable and will be passed along.

There are also a few more minor fixes: better documentation, always printing out what we're doing at the start of a run, and preserving the exit status of pdebuild and exiting with the same status.

These changes are based on work by Guido Günther, Yaroslav Halchenko, and Benoît Knecht.

You can get the latest version from my scripts page.

2011-05-31: rra-c-util 3.5

This release has fixes and improvements to the network portability library.

Sockets bound to IPv6 addresses other than any local address now use IP_FREEBIND when possible to allow binding to unconfigured addresses. This is more useful in the IPv6 world, since IPv6 autoconfiguration means that addresses may not always be available.

There's a new network_accept_any() function that waits for an incoming connection on any of an array of sockets and returns the first accepted connection. This is useful in simplifying applications that may bind to multiple local addresses.

The portable/getaddrinfo test is now skipped on systems where invalid hostnames still resolve, which appears to have been the cause of one build failure on one of the Debian buildds.

Finally, the TAP support library for doing remctl tests now allows one to pass in additional arguments to remctld after the default set.

You can get the latest version from the rra-c-util distribution page.

2011-05-31: remctl 2.17

This release mostly collects a bunch of various bug fixes and build improvements. It also adds some additional functionality, particularly around IPv6, for the remctld server in stand-alone mode.

The remctld server now supports a -b option to set the local bind address, which may be given multiple times to bind to multiple local addresses. It also binds to both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses by default, instead of only IPv4 as it previously did.

The remctl client library also installs a pkg-config configuration file for the use of software that wants to link against it.

This release includes fixes for the return object constructed in the simple Python bindings, the Windows build system, GCC attribute markers for non-GCC compilers, and symbol versioning and export symbol lists on non-Linux platforms. It sets the PHP PECL extension test suite to be noninteractive so that the user is never prompted to send results to the PHP QA group. It also updates the support infrastructure to the latest rra-c-util and C TAP Harness.

You can get the latest release from the remctl distribution page.

2011-05-31: remctl 2.18

A combination of a slightly inadequate test suite and getting unlucky with my test compiles led to releasing 2.17 with an uninitialized variable in the standalone server code. If one's compile happened not to put a useful value in that variable, all incoming connections would be rejected. This release fixes that bug and adds more testing.

You can get the latest release from the remctl distribution page.

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