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2016-12-17: INN 2.6.1

(As usual, Julien finished this release a bit back, and then I got busy with life stuff and haven't gotten the announcement out.)

This is a bug-fix and minor feature release over INN 2.6.0. The biggest change is adding support for the new COMPRESS extension. It also fixes various bugs around state changes when negotiating various compression or integrity layers and fixes some issues with nnrpd's validation of newly-posted messages. (Messages with Received and Posted headers are no longer rejected; messages with all-whitespace headers now are.) This release also supports OpenSSL 1.1.0 and fixes an nntpsend bug under systemd.

As always, thanks to Julien √ČLIE for preparing this release and doing most of the maintenance work on INN!

You can get the latest version from the official ISC download page or from my personal INN pages. The latter also has links to the full changelog and the other INN documentation.

2016-12-23: C TAP Harness 4.1

This is a minor release of my test framework for C packages. The only notable addition is a new is_bool function in the test library, which compares a boolean value to a desired value. This doesn't add any functionality over ok, but sometimes code reads more clearly (particularly when testing for an expected false value).

Of note mostly to me, this is the first release with the documentation generated by DocKnot.

You can get the latest version from the C TAP Harness distribution page.

2016-12-24: rra-c-util 6.2

This is my general collection of utility functions, standard tests, and portability code, mostly for C but also including a fair bit of Perl these days.

This release improves probing for GCC and Clang warning flags (thanks to Guillem Jover for a good hint there), adds a new is_file_contents test function to the Perl Test::RRA module for comparing whole files, and adds a new test that scans for non-https URLs in my documentation. It also fixes some issues with the Perl strictness test caused by not requiring a new enough version of Test::Strict.

You can get the latest release from the rra-c-util distribution page.

2016-12-25: DocKnot 1.01

This is the second release of my new documentation generation system for my packages. It's still probably not of much interest to anyone other than me, particularly since the metadata format is still rapidly evolving so I've not documented it yet. But the templates are getting fleshed out and it's generating more and more of my package documentation, which will make releases much easier.

This release adds generation of build and test instructions for my packages from templates and metadata, with some support for adding a bit of custom wording. It also offers a few new options for expanding license notices, and for annotating packages with additional bootstrap requirements.

You can get the latest version from the DocKnot distribution page.

2016-12-25: krb5-strength 3.1

krb5-strength provides password strength checking plugins and programs for MIT Kerberos and Heimdal, and a password history implementation for Heimdal. This is the first new upstream release since I left Stanford, since I don't personally use the package any more. But it's easy enough to maintain, and it was overdue for merging some contributed patches.

This release adds a new configuration directive, cracklib_maxlen, which can be used to not run longer passwords through CrackLib (whose concepts of password strength were not designed for longer passwords and which can spuriously reject passphrases). It also allows require_classes to require a certain number of character classes in a password, not just specific classes. There are also a variety of portability and cleanup fixes. Thanks to Jorj Bauer, Toby Blake, and Bernt Jernberg for their contributions.

I've merged into the embedded CrackLib all the relevant security patches that have come out, although none of them turned out to be relevant for this package due to how CrackLib was called. I also applied a patch from Mark Sirota to fix mkdict and packer to force C locale, which keeps them from creating corrupted dictionaries.

Finally, configuration instructions for the plugin are now installed as a new krb5-strength man page, and configuration instructions are included in the heimdal-history and heimdal-strength man pages, instead of just being in the README file. This makes them more accessible after the package is installed.

You can get the latest version from the krb5-strength distribution page.

2016-12-26: Apologies for RSS feed duplicates

Sorry about the duplicates showing up in your feed or in e-mail, for those who saw them. I changed the canonical URLs of my journal entries to use https instead of http and forgot that would confuse a lot of RSS readers. Didn't mean to suddenly give you all a replay of the last 15 entries!

This should be a one-time change and not happen again. (Although I need to find or fix a good broken link checker and then track down the rest of the URLs in my web site that aren't using https.)

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