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2003-05-01: WebAuth 3.1.0 released

WebAuth 3.1.0 was released today, without any hitches or problems. We're already running it in production for a few minor services, and can now start migrating more in earnest. This version now has OpenLDAP support and can fully replace the old 2.5 version.

Other than that, I basically spent the entire day packing for the office move, with a side helping of meetings.

2003-05-13: INN 2.4.0 released

INN 2.4.0 has finally been released, complete with a rewritten tradindexed overview method, a rewritten configuration parser, and lots of other fun. We've only been trying to get it out the door for nearly half a year, and been working on developing it for what... three years now?

Feels really good.

And I've already started working on things for the next version, starting with cleaning up the network handling considerably and eliminating the inndstart hack in favor of a much cleaner solution courtesy of Andrew Gierth.

I've been too busy doing things to write about them lately!

2003-05-16: Usenet control messages

I've finally (almost) finished fixing the Usenet control message archive system that feeds /pub/usenet/control and /pub/usenet/CONFIG. Almost just because there's still some old script running that's copying over the wrong files at the top of each hour, and so far we haven't been able to find the crontab entry to turn it off.

And I should probably do something about synchronizing the Microsoft groups and haven't done that yet.

But those are minor things. Otherwise, it's done. Nearly 2,000 lines of code, although a lot of that is for a simple NNTP daemon that I'm going to put back into INN along with various support libraries that will be useful for other INN work.

I haven't fixed the n.a.n archive, but that should be fairly easy now. That's next on the list, as well as writing up documentation for this whole system and actually releasing it publically in case anyone else wants to use it.

2003-05-27: Baycon book haul

I'm back from Baycon, which was the best one in at least three years. I had a blast. Great talking, great time with friends, several excellent panels including one on color that I found absolutely fascinating, and quite a haul from the dealer's room.

Here's the findings (many of which were from a paperback sale, so I know some of the choices are slightly odd), also counting the books I picked up at the Stanford Bookstore on Thursday:

Piers Anthony -- Chthon
Isaac Asimov -- The Gods Themselves
Greg Bear -- Darwin's Radio
M. Shayne Bell -- Inuit (short story)
Marion Zimmer Bradley -- The Forbidden Tower
Steven Brust -- Jhereg
Emma Bull -- War of the Oaks
Jacqueline Carey -- Kushiel's Dart
Jack L. Chalker -- When the Changewinds Blow
Arthur C. Clarke -- The Fountains of Paradise
Arthur C. Clarke -- The Nine Billion Names of God
Gordon R. Dickson -- Arcturus Landing
Robert Heinlein -- I Will Fear No Evil
Frank Herbert -- The Dosadi Experiment
George MacDonald -- At the Back of the North Wind
Larry Niven -- A Gift from Earth
Larry Niven -- The Integral Trees
Larry Niven -- The Smoke Ring
Frederick Pohl -- Man Plus
Dan Simmons -- Phases of Gravity
Dan Simmons -- Song of Kali
Michael Swanwick -- Bones of the Earth
Connie Willis -- Doomsday Book
T. H. White -- The Once and Future King

I have another large mail order coming my way too, including two of the other Hugo nominees this year for best novel.

Lots of reading to feed my apetite for a while (and I'm currently in the middle of Black Sun Rising by C.S. Friedman).

2003-05-29: WebAuth 3.1.2

WebAuth 3.1.2 has been released (3.1.1 was an internal bug-fix to the weblogin server only). Anton fixed a variety of bugs in the LDAP module and Roland fixed a bug in the basic authentication module when handling reverse proxies. I also did some additional porting to Solaris 7 and AIX 4.3, although the LDAP portions on AIX don't work yet due to Cyrus SASL problems.

2003-05-29: Heat

I'm not particularly fond of it.

We're having our first summer heat wave right now, and it's not even all that hot compared to a lot of places. But it's hot enough to bother me, and now I don't even have an air-conditioned office to retreat to (neither my new office nor my apartment have air conditioning). This meant that it was too hot to sleep last night until about 1:30am.

Extremely frustrating, that. I get very tired of being hot all the time.

Thankfully, it's somewhat cooler today, but it's supposed to heat up again over the weekend (and then cool off again towards the end of next week).

2003-05-30: The wonders of apt

I finally sat down tonight and figured out how to set up a mixed testing/unstable system, since I got tired of apt-listchanges holding up the Python upgrade in testing but also don't want to remove it. There is strangly little documentation about how to do this.

Anyway, the key bit is to put:

    APT::Default-Release "testing";

in /etc/apt/apt.conf and then one can add the unstable distributions to /etc/apt/sources.list without upgrading the whole system to unstable.

apt all upgraded, finally, I decided to also bump Mozilla, since the version in testing is still 1.0. Nice. Whatever they did with the fonts (and I think it may be a GTK thing, since after the last upgrade, gjay suddenly looked much better too), it's really excellent. I'm still casting about for a good serif font, but this is just spectacularly better.

2003-05-31: S/Ident 3.0

Kicked out a new release of S/Ident, incorporating patches from Quanah to support Heimdal (well, making related changes to the changes that he came up with). While I was at it, I included the Perl module in the same distribution (although it's not built by default) and finally renamed requestor to requester everywhere, including in the API.

I really so much want to go through and clean up and make consistent all of the S/Ident code, but since we're no longer doing as much with it, it's hard to justify spending the time.

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