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2023-02-28: Small book haul

I'm a bit behind on both free software maintenance and on writing reviews, what with one thing and another, but hopefully will have time to catch up next month. Meanwhile, publishing continues and books keep catching my eye.

Blake Crouch (ed.) — Forward (sff anthology)
Kate Elliott — The Keeper's Six (sff)
Ruthanna Emrys — A Half-Built Garden (sff)
R.F. Kuang — Babel (sff)
Seanan McGuire — The Unkindest Tide (sff)
Seanan McGuire — A Killing Frost (sff)
Seanan McGuire — When Sorrows Come (sff)
Seanan McGuire — Be the Serpent (sff)
Terry Pratchett — Thief of Time (sff)
Terry Pratchett — The Last Hero (sff)
Terry Pratchett — The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (sff)
Terry Pratchett — Night Watch (sff)
Terry Pratchett — The Wee Free Men (sff)
Terry Pratchett — Monstrous Regiment (sff)

I keep hearing amazing things about Babel, so it's very high on the list.

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