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2020-04-26: Pandemic haul

It's possible that I've been stress-buying books.

Charlie Jane Anders — The City in the Middle of the Night (sff)
Charlie Jane Anders (ed.) — Nevertheless She Persisted (sff anthology)
L.X. Beckett — Gamechanger (sff)
Liz Bourke — Sleeping with Monsters (nonfiction)
Thornton Burgess — Thornton Burgess Ultimate Collection (children's)
LJ Cohen — Derelict (sff)
Kate Elliott — A Passage of Stars (sff)
Ronan Farrow — Catch and Kill (nonfiction)
Tate Hallaway — Precinct 13 (sff)
Tate Hallaway — Unjust Cause (sff)
Rachel Hartman — Shadow Scale (sff)
Rachel Hartman — Tess of the Road (sff)
S.L. Huang — Null Set (sff)
Kameron Hurley — The Light Brigade (sff)
N.K. Jemisin — The City We Became (sff)
Ellen MacGregor — Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars (sff)
Ellen MacGregor — Miss Pickerell and the Geiger Counter (sff)
Ellen MacGregor — Miss Pickerell Goes Undersea (sff)
Ellen MacGregor — Miss Pickerell Goes to the Arctic (sff)
Seanan McGuire — Middlegame (sff)
Juliet E. McKenna — The Green Man's Heir (sff)
Tressie McMillan Cottom — Lower Ed (nonfiction)
China Miéville — October (nonfiction)
Alexandra Rowland — A Conspiracy of Truths (sff)
John Scalzi — The Last Emperox (sff)
Adam Tooze — Crashed (nonfiction)

I was talking with my mother about some of the books I loved as a kid and discovered that many of them are out of copyright and thus available in large, cheap omnibus editions on Kindle.

Normally when I get a collection I list the individual books instead of the collection since I also use these journal entries to track which books I've bought. (Yes, I know, I need a proper database.) But the Thornton Burgess collection includes 37 books, and I didn't want to make everyone read through that list. I'll just have to remember that I have basically all of his books now.

Also in this list are the rest of the 2020 Hugo nominees for best novel, since I again plan on reading the whole nomination list this year.

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