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2018-12-25: C TAP Harness 4.4

The primary change in this release is to add a new function to the C TAP library: test_cleanup_register_with_data. This lets one register a cleanup function for a test and pass in a void * that is passed to the cleanup function. This should have been the original API, and I thought about just changing test_cleanup_register and its callback to take another argument, but I erred on the side of backwards compatibility.

Thanks to Marc Dionne for the patch.

This release also improves some test machinery imported from rra-c-util (new release forthcoming) and fixes error checking for malloc failure in the bstrndup function. (cppcheck found that bug; I really like that static analyzer, particularly since it's extremely easy to use.)

You can get the latest release from the C TAP Harness distribution page.

2018-12-30: New year haul

Accumulated one-off purchases over the past few months. Have to make sure I have plenty to read in the new year (spoiler: this will definitely not be a problem).

Lundy Bancroft — Why Does He Do That? (non-fiction)
Gavin de Becker — The Gift of Fear (non-fiction)
Cennydd Bowles — Future Ethics (non-fiction)
Julie E. Czerneda — Search Image (sff)
Ali Davis — True Porn Clerk Stories (non-fiction)
Abby Franquemont — Respect the Spindle (non-fiction)
N.K. Jemisin — How Long 'til Black Future Month? (sff collection)
Daniel Keys Moran — Tales of the Continuing Time and Other Stories (sff collection)
T. Kingfisher — Swordheart (sff)
Kate Manne — Down Girl (non-fiction)
Barry Marcus — Watches I Have Known (non-fiction)
Claire O'Dell — A Study in Honor (sff)
Michael Oher & Don Yaeger — I Beat the Odds (non-fiction)
Laurie Penny — Everything Belongs to the Future (sff)
Matt Potter — The Last Goodbye (non-fiction)
K Arsenault Rivera — The Phoenix Empress (sff)
John Scalzi — The Consuming Fire (sff)
Ryk E. Spoor — Spheres of Influence (sff)
Rebecca Traister — Good and Mad (non-fiction)
M. Mitchell Waldrop — The Dream Machine (non-fiction)
Martha Wells — Artificial Condition (sff)
Martha Wells — Rogue Protocol (sff)
Martha Wells — Exit Strategy (sff)

Some of these I've already read and reviewed. There's a lot of non-fiction in here that has shown up on my radar recently. I know I'm excessively optimistic about the number of books I pick up, but I do have some hope for 2019 being a strong reading year.

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