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2016-11-05: Fall haul post

It's been a while since I've done one of these.

danah boyd — It's Complicated (non-fiction)
Jeffrey A. Carver — Eternity's End (sff)
Becky Chambers — A Closed and Common Orbit (sff)
Stephen Deas — The Adamantine Palace (sff)
Robert Heinlein — The Green Hills of Earth / The Menace from Earth (sff)
Robert Heinlein — Revolt in 2100 / Methuselah's Children (sff)
Marjorie M. Liu — The Iron Hunt (sff)
Larry Niven — The Ringworld Engineers (sff)
Don Norman — The Design of Everyday Things (non-fiction)
Kurt Vonnegut — Slaughterhouse-Five (sff)
Jo Walton — Necessity (sff)
Eileen Wilks — Tempting Danger (sff)

I picked up some extra used books since I was placing a book order to pick up Necessity anyway, and fleshed out my early Heinlein novels mostly out of curiousity. I've already reviewed The Design of Everyday Things, which I got from the work book club.

2016-11-05: podlators 4.09

This package contains the Pod::Man and Pod::Text formatters for Perl.

This is a bug-fix release that fixes a long-standing problem with Pod::Text on EBCDIC systems. The code to handle non-breaking spaces and soft hyphens hard-coded the ASCII code points and deleted the open bracket character on EBCDIC systems.

The fix here adopts the same fix that was done in Pod::Simple (but with backward compatibility to older versions of Pod::Simple).

I also made a bit more progress on modernizing the test suite. All of the Pod::Man tests now use a modern coding style, and most of them have been moved to separate snippets, which makes it easier to look at the intended input and output and to create new tests.

You can get the latest version from the podlators distribution page.

2016-11-09: Some thoughts on the US elections

I apparently am not going to get anything done today until I write this. Some thoughts, in no particular order.

I don't have any profound conclusions. I'm honestly pretty upset. And pretty scared. But we have to talk to each other. And we have to listen to each other. And we have to persaude each other. And we have to be willing to be persuaded.

And please go tell someone this morning that you have their back.

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