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2021-07-30: Summer haul

July ended up being a very busy month for me catching up on all sorts of things that I'd been putting off for too long, so posts have been a bit scarce recently. So have book reviews; I'm hoping to sneak one in before the end of the month tomorrow, and have a small backlog.

But for tonight, here's another list of random books, mostly new releases, that caught my eye.

Katherine Addison — The Witness for the Dead (sff)
Olivia Atwater — Half a Soul (sff)
Lloyd Biggle, Jr. — The Still, Small Voice of Trumpets (sff)
Judson Brewer — Unwinding Anxiety (nonfiction)
Eliot Brown & Maureen Farrell — The Cult of We (nonfiction)
Becky Chambers — A Psalm for the Wild-Built (sff)
Susanna Clarke — Piranesi (sff)
Eve L. Ewing — Ghosts in the Schoolyard (nonfiction)
Michael Lewis — The Premonition (nonfiction)
Courtney Milan — The Duke Who Didn't (romance)
Kit Rocha — Deal with the Devil (sff)
Tasha Suri — The Jasmine Throne (sff)
Catherynne M. Valente — The Past is Red (sff)

Quite a variety of things recently. Of course, I'm currently stalled on a book I'm not enjoying very much (but want to finish anyway since I like reviewing all award nominees).

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