Posts for February 2004

2004-02-01: newsyslog 1.4

Someone asked me for help compiling 1.3 and when I started looking at it, I realized that it had been quite a while since I'd done a release and there were various infrastructure upgrades that would be useful. So 1.4 is out now.

Changes include adding a sanity check to keep newsyslog from rotating non-regular files (since a common configuration syntax mistake results in rotating directories instead of logs), switching to Autoconf 2.57 and cleaning up the build system, warning cleanups, an update to the latest snprintf, and fixes for all sorts of brokenness in the test suite.

Get it from the newsyslog distribution page.

2004-02-15: Tasker 0.2

When setting up a new Tasker instance for a co-worker, I discovered that creation of new tasks in a previously empty group had various problems. This is a minor bug fix release that just fixes that issue.

Get it from the Tasker distribution page.

2004-02-19: Term::ANSIColor 1.08

DARK wasn't added to the expored constants list when I added it to the regular list of escapes, and CYAN and WHITE were missing from the documented list of constants. (Really minor bug fixes, in other words.)

Get it from the Term::ANSIColor distribution page.

2004-02-19: postfaq 1.12

Someone sent me mail saying that postfaq would be better if one could specify the username and password for authenticating to a server. That was pretty simple to add, so I went ahead and did so.

Note all the regular caveats about cleartext passwords, plus the password is a command-line option and therefore visible to anyone on the system; I'm making the assumption that this is mostly for use with NNTP passwords that aren't particularly important or valuable. I might have to rethink this later, particularly if I actually add SSL support like I've been thinking about doing for a while. Maybe I should add .netrc support....

Anyway, you can get this from the postfaq distribution page.

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