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2019-06-29: DocKnot 3.00

This package started as only a documentation generator, but my goal for some time has been to gather together all of the tools and random scripts I use to maintain my web site and free software releases. This release does a bunch of internal restructuring to make it easier to add new commands, and then starts that process by adding a docknot dist command. This performs some (although not all) of the actions I currently use my release script for, and provides a platform for ensuring that the full package test suite is run as part of generating a distribution tarball.

This has been half-implemented for quite a while before I finally found the time to finish off a release. Hopefully releases will come a bit faster in the future.

Also in this release are a few tweaks to the DocKnot output (including better support for orphaned packages), and some hopeful fixes for test suite failures on Windows (although I'm not sure how useful this package will be in general on Windows).

You can get the latest version from the DocKnot distribution page or from CPAN.

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