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2009-10-15: kadmin-remctl 2.4

I really finished this release on Monday, but an illness interrupted before I formally released it. This is almost entirely a bug fix release, fixing a problem with enabling or disabling accounts in Active Directory via LDAP. There was a syntax error in the LDIF that would have prevented the code from ever working properly.

Since I was doing a release anyway, I did some general build system updates, although not the more significant work that the package needs to add a test suite and better error reporting. I might do that if I rework it to support Heimdal as well.

You can get the latest version from the kadmin-remctl distribution page.

2009-10-11: Almost vacation

Well, I had a lot of things that I was going to do last week, but first the power supply on my desktop died on Monday, and then right after getting back from another effort to deal with that late Monday night, I came down with a nasty bout of gastroenteritis and lost the rest of the week. That sucked a lot. It would have sucked less if I'd at least felt like reading or playing video games or doing any of the things I could do at home, but I was feeling so poorly that I couldn't manage much besides lying on my bed and watching TV.

But that's okay, because in seven days I will be here.

Lincoln City, Oregon

And I will get to stay there for a bit over two weeks, and do nothing but walk and take pictures and read and play video games. And then life will be wonderful and full of joy.

2009-10-15: On vacation

It is that time of year again, in which I disappear for a while to get my head together, engage in intensive relaxation, and catch up on my reading. Don't expect to see much of me on-line for the next three weeks.

I was going to post a book review tonight, since otherwise it's unlikely that I'll post any in the month of October, but I just ran out of steam. The steam that I had went to talking to friends, where I won't get much chance for a while. Since I lost all of last week sick with gastroenteritis, I think I'm going to give myself a free pass for this month on the review front. Regular reviews will resume once I get back from vacation. (Contrary to how it may appear, I have no intention of letting them slowly trickle off to nothing, nor have I stopped reading. I have three books finished so far this month and waiting for me to review. I just badly need a vacation and then better time allocation.)

What with illness and with all of the work stress lately, I didn't do as good of a job this year of shutting everything down and getting everything into a good state before vacation. Apologies for the loose ends left sitting around, although I think everything will survive. I shall return refreshed, well-read, and with many more book reviews and photographs in hand.

See you all in about three weeks!

2009-10-27: An image from vacation

This was the view yesterday from just outside my hotel.

Yachats, Oregon

Needless to say, my vacation is going quite well.

I've taken many pictures, read many books, written many reviews, and haven't thought about work (paid or volunteer) at all for about a week and a half. I'm slowly starting to recharge, although after this summer, a nice long vacation was exactly what I needed and I'm glad there's more of it left.

I'll be back on line a bit more in about another week. In the meantime, I wish everyone a happy, productive time if you're not on vacation and a relaxing time if you are!

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