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2021-06-27: New Big Eight signing key

For various reasons, I haven't had any time to work on Usenet (or most other personal hobbies other than a few book reviews) for the past few months, so it took me longer than expected to finish this work. But I have finally switched the official, preferred Big Eight signing key to a newly-generated OpenPGP key that isn't incredibly weak.

I put up a basic web page with the new control information and links to the signing keys for the Big Eight hierarchy.

Duplicate control messages will continue to be issued with the old signing key for the indefinite future, but be aware that the old key is quite weak and could probably be brute-forced if someone cared enough. You should switch to only honoring the new key if you are running a news server that honors Big Eight control messages.

The PGP Moose key is almost as ancient as the old control message key and is probably nearly as weak, but we've not yet replaced it. When that happens, that will be noted here and on that web page.

2021-06-27: control-archive 1.9.1

This is the set of scripts and configuration files that maintain the Usenet control message archive and newsgroup lists hosted on

This is a data-only update primarily to update the Big Eight control signing key. It also removes some remnant control information about net.* and documents that the hierarchy is abandoned.

You can get the latest release from the control-archive distribution page.

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