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2023-12-03: Cumulative haul

I haven't done one of these in quite a while, long enough that I've already read and reviewed many of these books.

John Joseph Adams (ed.) — The Far Reaches (sff anthology)
Poul Anderson — The Shield of Time (sff)
Catherine Asaro — The Phoenix Code (sff)
Catherine Asaro — The Veiled Web (sff)
Travis Baldree — Bookshops & Bonedust (sff)
Sue Burke — Semiosis (sff)
Jacqueline Carey — Cassiel's Servant (sff)
Rob Copeland — The Fund (nonfiction)
Mar Delaney — Wolf Country (sff)
J.S. Dewes — The Last Watch (sff)
J.S. Dewes — The Exiled Fleet (sff)
Mike Duncan — Hero of Two Worlds (nonfiction)
Mike Duncan — The Storm Before the Storm (nonfiction)
Kate Elliott — King's Dragon (sff)
Zeke Faux — Number Go Up (nonfiction)
Nicola Griffith — Menewood (sff)
S.L. Huang — The Water Outlaws (sff)
Alaya Dawn Johnson — The Library of Broken Worlds (sff)
T. Kingfisher — Thornhedge (sff)
Naomi Kritzer — Liberty's Daughter (sff)
Ann Leckie — Translation State (sff)
Michael Lewis — Going Infinite (nonfiction)
Jenna Moran — Magical Bears in the Context of Contemporary Political Theory (sff collection)
Ari North — Love and Gravity (graphic novel)
Ciel Pierlot — Bluebird (sff)
Terry Pratchett — A Hat Full of Sky (sff)
Terry Pratchett — Going Postal (sff)
Terry Pratchett — Thud! (sff)
Terry Pratchett — Wintersmith (sff)
Terry Pratchett — Making Money (sff)
Terry Pratchett — Unseen Academicals (sff)
Terry Pratchett — I Shall Wear Midnight (sff)
Terry Pratchett — Snuff (sff)
Terry Pratchett — Raising Steam (sff)
Terry Pratchett — The Shepherd's Crown (sff)
Aaron A. Reed — 50 Years of Text Games (nonfiction)
Dashka Slater — Accountable (nonfiction)
Rory Stewart — The Marches (nonfiction)
Emily Tesh — Silver in the Wood (sff)
Emily Tesh — Drowned Country (sff)
Valerie Vales — Chilling Effect (sff)
Martha Wells — System Collapse (sff)
Martha Wells — Witch King (sff)

2023-12-25: krb5-strength 3.3

krb5-strength is a toolkit of plugins and support programs for password strength checking for Kerberos KDCs, either Heimdal or MIT. It also includes a password history mechanism for Heimdal KDCs.

This is a maintenance release, since there hadn't been a new release since 2020. It contains the normal sort of build system and portability updates, and the routine bump in the number of hash iterations used for the history mechanism to protect against (some) brute force attacks. It also includes an RPM spec file contributed by Daria Phoebe Brashear, and some changes to the Perl dependencies to track current community recommendations.

You can get the latest version from the krb5-strength distribution page.

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