Baycon book haul

I'm back from Baycon, which was the best one in at least three years. I had a blast. Great talking, great time with friends, several excellent panels including one on color that I found absolutely fascinating, and quite a haul from the dealer's room.

Here's the findings (many of which were from a paperback sale, so I know some of the choices are slightly odd), also counting the books I picked up at the Stanford Bookstore on Thursday:

Piers Anthony -- Chthon
Isaac Asimov -- The Gods Themselves
Greg Bear -- Darwin's Radio
M. Shayne Bell -- Inuit (short story)
Marion Zimmer Bradley -- The Forbidden Tower
Steven Brust -- Jhereg
Emma Bull -- War of the Oaks
Jacqueline Carey -- Kushiel's Dart
Jack L. Chalker -- When the Changewinds Blow
Arthur C. Clarke -- The Fountains of Paradise
Arthur C. Clarke -- The Nine Billion Names of God
Gordon R. Dickson -- Arcturus Landing
Robert Heinlein -- I Will Fear No Evil
Frank Herbert -- The Dosadi Experiment
George MacDonald -- At the Back of the North Wind
Larry Niven -- A Gift from Earth
Larry Niven -- The Integral Trees
Larry Niven -- The Smoke Ring
Frederick Pohl -- Man Plus
Dan Simmons -- Phases of Gravity
Dan Simmons -- Song of Kali
Michael Swanwick -- Bones of the Earth
Connie Willis -- Doomsday Book
T. H. White -- The Once and Future King

I have another large mail order coming my way too, including two of the other Hugo nominees this year for best novel.

Lots of reading to feed my apetite for a while (and I'm currently in the middle of Black Sun Rising by C.S. Friedman).

Posted: 2003-05-27 19:09 — Why no comments?

nice haul. emma bull does, btw, not write enough.

Posted by piranha at 2003-05-28 13:39

Now I'm trying to figure out why 'Emma Bull' sets off a ping in head. At first I thought that was for 'The Bull God', but that was Roberta Graves, I think. Need to look it over.

I noticed Chalker on the list. Changewinds is a good tale, if you can deal with the general excesses of Chalker (the man can write, but he's got some odd obsessions).

Posted by Mechaman at 2003-05-30 08:26

i stopped reading chalker some time during the dancing gods stuff. i really liked both the well of souls series and the tales of flux and anchor. i don't mind his obsessions a whole lot, but i do wish he'd get some new ones, *grin*. well, maybe he has. i should pick up something more recent and see.

Posted by piranha at 2003-05-31 21:25

I've read his latest. In a sense, he's toned down. Which is not a total minus, but a surprise. Wellworld and Flux and Anchor are good ones, yes. Though F&A is SERIOUSLY a 'what the HELL?' series at points.

The Dancing Gods was seriously weakened over the breadth of the books, though I do like the concept of the Kouri, even though preferring the non-standard one. By the end of the run.. *sigh*

The series ended almost as its own chariacture.

Posted by Mechaman at 2003-06-02 21:22

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