podlators 2.4.1

This release is long overdue, and still didn't include all of the work that I wanted to do. There remain serious issues with encodings and character sets in the POD translation, and I need to figure out how to handle that, particularly for Pod::Man. But at least it closes a bunch of bugs.

The changes are a bunch of random things: AE ligatures weren't handled properly, there was a lot of cleanup of groff warnings and fixes for roffitall processing of all the documentation, a fix for spurious duplication of the URL using L<> syntax in Pod::Man, fixes for exit status and not leaving behind empty output files in pod2text and pod2man, a fix for how PerlIO layer detection is done, and finally a fix for running the test suite in parallel.

You can get the latest release from CPAN or from the podlators distribution page.

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