BookRiot's SF/F by Female Authors

A list by Nikki Steele of the 100 best SF and fantasy novels by female authors (in her subjective take), published on BookRiot, has been making the rounds, with people noting which of those they've read. These crop up from time to time, and I've always been tempted to do the work to track the list over time the way that I track award winners. I had some free time this afternoon, so went ahead and set that up (although I badly need to refactor or rewrite a lot of my review posting code).

An extra advantage is that I can publish the list as a separate web page so that I don't spam RSS readers with a huge list.

The list, annotated with ratings and reviews where I've read the books, is under the reviews section of my web site. As I have time, I may add more lists. I'm also (slowly) working on the project of adding all the nominees for major awards and annotating those, since often the short lists contain a lot of interesting material too.

One big caveat for this list: Steele only lists the first book of series, and in many cases the first book isn't very good and is far from the best of the series. So you'll see some anomalous low ratings here for first books that improve later on.

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