A Play-By-Email Amber Diceless Role-Playing Campaign

Serpent's dream and moonlight stair,
'Venomed swords and mirrored love,
Flights in Time, curse of blood,
Twin or Demon, Raven or Dove?

Welcome to the Web of Paradox webpage. This site contains stories, background, powers and characters from Tony Pi's email Amber game, which officially began January 1995 and ended August 1998. Currently, it has been resurrected at Ambercon US (March 2000) and continues in an experimental mode. Click here to go to the Chronicles page. (Background art by Bobby Nichols (catdrag@vnet.net).)

Donnerjack DRPG

Become an AI god in this Amber DRPG variant based on Zelazny and Lindskold's Donnerjack milieu! Donnerjack: Unsolid Days will debut at Ambercon North 2000.

Rook's Edge

Go to the Rook's Edge Card Games Page, which has 2 different Amber card game designs. Living Trumps is a long game, while All But Malice is meant to be played in 5-30 minutes and easy to learn.


Every player has a different perspective of the Player Characters and Non-Player Characters. The following biographies are written from different points of view to reflect these differences in opinion.
AndeliaDaughter of Darthene and LancelotPlayed by Scott Olson
CeliaDaughter of Corwin and BroceliandePlayed by Deb Allen
CeriseDaughter of Jacob and RavenPlayed by Jennifer Bicking
DartheneDaughter of Oberon and FaiellaNPC
DeirdreDaughter of Oberon and FaiellaFormerly played by Craig Wright
JacobSon of Celia and MadocPlayed by Jim Groves
JadeConstruct of Jacob and RavenNPC
JaunquilleSon of Julian and KessinaPlayed by Craig Sparling
KireyasConstruct of LirNPC
LoreleiDaughter of Kireyas and DeirdrePlayed by Rod Ridgeway
MadocSon of Lir and MarneNPC
Jack MorganSon of Darthene and MarcusPlayed by Karen Francis
NikolasDescendant of Jacob and RavenNPC
RavenDaughter of Fiona and DantonPlayed by David Dalgleish
TeridiasSon of Clarissa and FinndoPlayed by Dean Bailey
ThalionSon of Celia and MadocPlayed by Ben Ekdahl
UrdaConstruct of DworkinPlayed by Sara Willig







An Eye For A DukeChristopher fights in the Patternfall War.
Rhys' TaleRhys and Caine play a naval duel.
Stepping Into SunlightCelia arrives in Amber.
TextureCelia poses for a Trump drawn by Random
Unto the CitadelOrson tells Martin of his first foray to the Dark Citadel.
ImageCelia and Nayda change her image.
A Rose for CorwinA time-travelling Celia meets her father Corwin.
Andelia's TaleAndelia recounts the events on Daywinter.
Wedding CeremonyRaven and Jacob's unofficial wedding ceremony
Jacob's LessonJacob trains Florimel in weaponry.
Andelia's LessonAndelia trains Florimel in weaponry.
Lorelei's LessonLorelei and Random play a trick on Gerard.
Golan's LessonGolan teaches Random how to fly.
Morgan's LessonMorgan gives Random a lesson.
Urda's LessonUrda's first class with the Royal Children.
Thalion's LessonThalion gives lessons in music to the Royal Children.
Raven's LessonRaven gives Delwin a lesson in personality.
Warp and WeftUrda's account of obsession.
Vialle's TaleVialle sculpts a powerful spell.
Sins of OmissionThalion and Jacob make amends


Prelude to NightsummerLaurel's version of the events immediately before Nightsummer.
Laurel's NightsummerLaurel's view of the events of Nightsummer.
Morgan's NightsummerMorgan's view of the events of Nightsummer.
Urda's NightsummerUrda's view of the events of Nightsummer.


Lorelei's Log

The Dying UnicornLorelei's Story, part 1
At Nin's TowerLorelei's Story, part 2
Cursed RitualLorelei's Story, part 3
In Castle AmberLorelei's Story, part 4
Into the MirrorrrealmLorelei's Story, part 5
Bickering in ArdenLorelei's Story, part 6
To Be Queen in RebmaLorelei's Story, part 7
In Amber CastleLorelei's Story, part 8
Banished From RebmaLorelei's Story, part 9

The Paradoxical Times

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