Created by: Chris Meadows

Current author: Chris Meadows


Real name: Summer

Known Aliases: None; last name unknown

Status: Member of Team M.E.C.H.A. before the Industrial Revolution caused it to break up; Current member of The Teen Team.

History: Summer had always been enthralled with superheroines such as Particle Girl, The Dash, and Rainy Day Woman. When Mike discovered the secret mecha base, she realized that she, too, could become a superheroine, just like those she'd always dreamed of meeting.

Summer gained a strange new shapeshifting power through an explosion at the Odd Science Convention in Springfield, Missouri, and learned more about it during the Zwarghoff occupation of Team M.E.C.H.A. Headquarters. During the Bob City MegaCrossover, she put this ability to good use, becoming the head of Bahamode Sigma and temporarily fusing mentally with Spectrum to become its operating system. (It is unknown what side-effects this may have had upon the two heroes.)

When Sarah Conner returned from Terrania with her sister Ariella, the three became fast friends (and teamed up briefly with Force_Ten_ to fight the Invid_ in Springfield).

During the Industrial Revolution, Summer met and befriended Phobos of the Teen Team. After Team M.E.C.H.A. broke up, Summer joined the Teen Team (and was responsible for the awakening to sentience of its AI, Jenny). Summer is the object of a crush by Phobos, but it is not known whether or not she is aware of this.

Known powers: Started out with only rudimentary hand-to-hand and mecha combat skills; detailed superhero/villain trivia knowledge. Piloted/wore a black Celia-model Hardsuit or Cyclone cycle. Often carried an energy pistol of some sort.

Later gained a unique "morphing" ability through fusion with nanites and her hardsuit in a hyperspatial explosion. This ability enables her to absorb inanimate matter and store the shape of that matter as a pattern into which she may transform herself. Current forms include her Celia-model hardsuit and a VR-052 Battler Cyclone cycle.

Description: DOB 5/1/80, 5'5", reddish-brown hair, green eyes, 125 lbs. Often wears a black hardsuits or Cyclone, or standard civilian clothes (blue jeans or dress, T-shirt). She may transform herself easily into a hardsuit or Cyclone motorcycle (see above) fully capable of being ridden or worn. Summer is a fan not of rock singers (though she does like music, except Ramrod's) but of superheroes. Summer has something of a temper to go with her red hair. When she believes she's getting the short end of a deal, she will do whatever she feels needs to be done to set it right.

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