Bob City MegaCrossover

Created by: Chris Meadows aka Robotech_Master

Created by: Jesse Taylor aka Shadowy Writer

Created by: Lawrence Brown aka Amigoid

Created by: Daniel Pawtowski aka Gadge

Created by: Rob Furr aka Punk Without A Gun

Description: The second crossover, featuring the Mighty Muddy Power Grangers, versus Spectrum & Marie, Team M.E.C.H.A., Space Moose and Co., and with cameos by members of the Extreme Team. Also starring Crapshoot and Co., with cameos by Force Ten...and others.

Dr. Cheef designs the Grangers armor. The Grangers rob banks. Foxy disappears. Crapshoot foils a hospital robbery with Overdogs help. Dr. Odd Science revels his name and his background. Zwarghoff escapes from the Really-Really-Hard-to-Get-Out-of-Place. Team M.E.C.H.A. puts him back, along with a bunch of others. Grounder plots, Morgan plots, Cosby zaps, Roger gripes, Marie schemes, Invid & TONN watch and wait. Marie becomes Tornado in seach of Spectrum. Moosewing flaps into Bob City, Captain Non-Sequitor makes runway dip.

Spectrum fights the Grangers and gets whipped.

Spectrum and Team M.E.C.H.A. fight the Grangers and get whipped.

Extreme Team cameo at the rooftop resturant. Clyde fights the Grangers and gets whipped.

Benedict fights the Zoomers and kicks butt.

Space Moose and Tornado fight the Grangers and get whipped.

TONN fights the Grangers and gets whipped.

Chance meeting with Benedict. Wayne gathers parts. Marie parks planes.

Zen, Chance, and Benedict fight drunken Grangers, get gummed.

Moosemech fights the Grangers and gets whipped.

Bahamode Sigma fights the Grangers, GRANGERS GET WHIPPED!

Meet Bubblegum Babe. Meet the cowfighter.

Party Post/Wrap-up/Marie finally lands Spectrum.

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