Alias: Chris Meadows


LiveJournal: Robotech_Master's LiveJournal

Chris Meadows, aka Robotech_Master, lives in Springfield, Missouri and is perfectly happy there. He is also somewhat Republican, but he tries not to let this bother him. Chris writes, at present, Team M.E.C.H.A. and Crapshoot & Co., as well as related miniserieses and the occasional AA post. Chris has written or written for,, Undocumented Features, Robotech: The Misfold (which he also edited), Robotech: Legend of the Sky Beast, Robotech/RIFTS Crossover, and a Robotech RPG fan net.supplement, The Third Invid War. Except for the and RPG stuff, all of the above may be found at the anime fanfic FTP archive.

At present, Chris resides in Springfield, Missouri, having graduated twice from SMSU. He is still looking for work, and writing SG as a diversion from what he ought to be doing.

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