Bahamode Sigma

Created by: Chris Meadows

Current author: Chris Meadows


"Then let's do it! Bahamode Sigma...combine!" Mike reached out and pulled down the actuator lever, and knew that in all four of the other Bahamodes, the pilots were doing the same. Thrusters fired, launching the mecha into the air even as components rotated, shifted, reshaped themselves. Spectrum's own thruster packs fired as his ManCo PoWerArmor's computer executed the linkup program.

"Form feet and legs!" Mike called out over the radio as Link's and Dr. Science's Bahamodes' arms and legs retracted and locked together, and the mecha slammed into the bottom of his Bahamode, locking firmly in place. "Form arms and torso!" Sarah Conner's and Adam's Bahamodes underwent a similar transformation and locked into place. Components slammed together, and the computers registered linkup.

Spectrum rocketed up behind the still-headless mecha, executed a mid-air flip, and slid downward into a cockpit that had opened up in the front of the Sigma's torso. He ended up in a sort of a half-standing position, located in front of and slightly below Mike's cockpit (like the gunner in an attack helicopter), with a partly transparent canopy locking down in front of him.

"And I'll form the head!" Summer announced, flying up in front of the combined Bahamodes. This was it, she knew. The merge would be a whole new experience for her, for unlike the others, she was actually combining her physical self with these other machines, and it could possibly have some side-effects that she was completely unaware of. It was one of the scarier things she had ever contemplated doing, but she knew it had to be done. There was no turning back, not now.

And so, Summer tucked her legs and arms up against her chest, then the distinction between her arms and legs and chest blurred, and her form shifted into something altogether different: a head. It slammed down into place atop the torso formed by Mike's black Bahamode and latched in place. Bahamode Sigma was complete.

Created by Dr. Odd Science of Team M.E.C.H.A., used once during the Bob City MegaCrossover, Bahamode Sigma is a combiner team made up of five Bahamode mechabikes, plus Summer and Spectrum. Bahamode Sigma was crewed by Mike, Adam Douglas, Lincoln, Sarah Conner, and Dr. Odd Science. Summer formed the head, and Spectrum provided the huge amounts of energy needed by this gigantic machine. Bahamode Sigma defeated the Mighty Muddy Power Grangers during the Bob City battle, and has not been used since due to absense on the part of various crewmembers.

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