The Teen Team

Author: Mason Kramer


"So did he say why he wanted to cut the last day of our vacation off?" asked Roger as he concentrated on staying in the jet. It wasn't difficult, but it meant that if he actually had a need to sleep, he wouldn't be able to do it.

"Nope." Timmy's response may have sounded sullen and distracted, but this was most likely because Timmy was feeling sullen and distracted. He hated surprises.

Samantha said, "Maybe he just got jealous of us for being away from the house?"

//Or, more likely, he decided that we were busier away from Austin than we are when we're there,\\ thought Nightmare, pacing up the corridor. She would start from the back of the jet, pace up to the front, then phase for a brief second, which would put her at the back of the jet again.

Nightmare hated jet rides. Any ride she couldn't manage under her own power just wasn't worth it.

Of course, she *could* have taken Samantha the fast route. But that route was tricky yet, so she hadn't mentioned it to Samantha. No need to expose her to excess danger until the girl was ready, she felt.

Not to mention until she was ready herself.

Charlie looked up from where he lay and said, "Hey, Sam? You suppose he wanted us back early so he could come to Terrania, too?"

"Beats me." The young lady frowned prettily and said, "By the way, don't call me that, OK? I hate it when people mistake me for a boy."

Timmy said, without looking up, "I doubt anyone could make that mistake, Samantha."

Samantha blushed as Roger guffawed, nearly going out the back of the jet.

Maria had ignored the entire conversation as she wrote in her journal, but she finally seemed to notice her surroundings and queried, "Where's Mason?" with a worried look.

Charlie said, "I think he went up front to visit with the pilot." It was well that Charlie said it, because he was the only one of those present who could say it with a straight face. Of course, he couldn't keep his tail from wagging.

"Ah." She looked back at her journal, struggling to understand the emotions churning through her mind. At long last, seconds later, she stood and said, "I think I'll, uh, go check and see if they need any drinks or anything."

Timmy said, "I could use a Coke, thanks," to her retreating back, but she seemed not to hear. He shook his head and sighed dramatically as the others laughed after the door closed.

In a move that shocked no one at all, Superclaus retired in January of 1994. In order to make sure that the children of the world were protected, one of his elves gathered a group of teenagers to help fill the gap. The Teen Team is based in Austin, TX, coincidently the home of the Author. The series has a mixture of comedic and serious themes, usually with comedic prevailing. At least, the Author likes to think so...

Our Heroes

Daydream Believer
Fairbanks Douglas
Mighty Dog
Mirror Maid
The Computer

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