Ariella Conner

Created by: Chris Meadows

Current author: Chris Meadows


Real name: [Princess] Ariella [of the Terranian Royal House of] Conner

Known Aliases: None

Status: Princess of the tiny European nation of Terrania; De facto member of Team M.E.C.H.A. before Industrial Revolution caused it to break up.

History: Separated from Sarah Conner shortly after birth, Ariella was raised as the future ruler of Terrania. In her youth, she encountered the Unicorn_ of Terrania and discovered her innate talent for magic. In the miniseries, On the Care and Feeding of Unicorns, shortly after her father, King John Conner, passed away, the evil Baron de Hevilode planned to use Ariella in his plan to steal the power of the Unicorn for himself. However, Ariella was able to escape to the United States along with her fiancee, Robert. During her sojourn in the USA, de Hevilode's agents mistakenly kidnapped her long-lost sister, Sarah Conner. Ariella and Robert sought out Scholarman, and with his help, they and Sarah were able to rescue the Unicorn, put a stop to his plans, and cause the Archbishop of Terrania to see the light. Returning with Team M.E.C.H.A. and Robert to the USA, Ariella taught Sarah Conner some of the basics of magic and together they prophesied the death of Wilhelm at the hands of Adam Douglas. During the Industrial Revolution, she was kidnapped by Adam Douglas and Spectrum and has developed a rather strong dislike for them as a result. After Team M.E.C.H.A. split up in the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution, Ariella returned with her sister and Robert to Terrania to prepare for her wedding.

Known powers: Basic grasp of hermetic magic. Rudimentary hand-to-hand and mecha combat skills. Doesn't often use mecha; typically uses lighter models or Summer.

Description: DOB 1/20/76, 5'7", brown hair (slightly longer than her twin sister Sarah's), brown eyes, 135 lbs. She typically wears formal dress while in Terrania, but has been known to wear sweatshirts and blue jeans like Sarah.

Major Appearances:

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