Rainy Day Woman

Created by: Bill Dickson

Current author: Bill Dickson

Email: pickle@awenet.com

Golden Grunion Nominations:

"The children and Ramrod may or may not be safe. Camero is dead, the T. Foley got him and nearly got John, here. We found some human footprints headed deeper into the park just before we were attacked by a rampaging mob of scooter riders. Not part of the attraction, I gather?"

"N-no," sputtered Rockefeller. "Certainly not. They must be trespassers."

"I wonder who. In any case, they were chasing High Jinx and Dynamite Vest Man, and there were an awful lot of them. I'm going back out there to look for them."

"What? You can't!"

"What do you mean, I can't?"

"Well...I mean, what could you do? You're just one girl..."

Nora flushed and drew herself up. "I am the Queen of Rain," she said quietly. "Sprin'kull, Wet of the Ceaseless. I am Rainy Day Woman, and my teammates are out there, somewhere, in trouble. You, Mr. Rockefeller, are an old man with more money than is good for you, and if we all get out of this catastrophe alive, I intend to teach you a thing or two about danger..."

Real name: Nora Bergensen

Alias: Sprin'kull; Wet of the Ceaseless

Status: Active and founding member of Team Cynical.

Notes: Nora long possessed the ability to influence the weather slightly, but only toward rain. She eventually discovered her flight capability as well, but didn't ever set out to become a hero. One day she happened to slick down a road with some rain and cause a getaway car to lose control and crash; the police captured the criminal, and the unidentified superheroine was christened "Rainy Day Woman" by the media. She then went on with her life until getting involved with Team Cynical.

It was only later that she learned the truth about her powers: she was to take over the office of Wet of the Ceaseless from her centuries-old grandmother. Her right to the office was contested by a distant relative, but she emerged from the bizarre conflict victorious and accepted the office.

Known powers: Rainy Day Woman is the human personification of rain. She can influence the weather toward a steady rain, whether it starts out better or worse; she can fly (30 mph); evaporate into a cloud (in which state she can fly much faster and see in all directions); call up fog; and fire blasts of water from her hands. In addition, she will not age until she decides to have a family and settle down, and her basic self-defense training has been supplemented by lessons from Ramrod and High Jinx. She also enjoys a certain protection due to being part of the Ceaseless; only mortals and other members of the Family may spill Family blood, so she is relatively safe from certain old gods and other beings.

Description: Rainy Day Woman is a compact 5'4", and is in excellent condition. She was born October 10, 1974. She is extremely pale, perhaps paler than Ramrod though not as pale as Dar, and has bright blue Norwegian eyes that contrast sharply with her short, jet-black hair. She is quite attractive in the pale-person-in-black sort of way. She's young and still getting a handle on life and her powers, but she is intelligent and can be fierce at times. She likes her teammates, dislikes her parents, loves her grandmother, and attends raves regularly.

Her costume is a fairly normal superheroine affair, essentially an enhanced-lycra bodysuit (one of several fabrics developed for superhero costumes by Andy Awesome) in random swirls of different shades of grey, which provides a certain degree of ballistic protection. It is different from most superheroine costumes, however, in that it has pockets. She wears a grey domino mask to conceal her identity; it's a shade of grey almost exactly halfway between the near-white of her skin and the jet black of her hair.

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