Created by: Mason Kramer

Current author: Mason Kramer


Jenny was a statuesque blonde with long legs and large... attributes, clad in a one-piece Teen Team jumpsuit. She seemed to be about eighteen. Summer was willing to bet that Mason had based her on a picture out of some girlie magazine. She was also willing to bet that this was the reason why Jenny's personification hadn't yet appeared on any of the holographic monitors throughout Stately Ward Manor.
However, for all Jenny's looks, she wasn't doing... anything. She was just floating there, staring blankly ahead. Summer waved her hand in front of Jenny's face. No response. For all the life she was showing, she might as well have been a Barbie doll.
Summer scrutinized Jenny more closely, instinctively analyzing the coding that made her what she was. She didn't know how she did it, or even exactly what it was she was doing-- all she knew was that she COULD, just the way she'd reprogrammed Marie's Tornado armor suit back in that truck.
At this level, it was easy to see why Jenny showed no sign of "life." She didn't HAVE any. While Mason Kramer, aka Phobos, was a great programmer, he wasn't superhuman (Well, actually he WAS, but not in that respect). This was as far as he, or as any person, could hope to take artificial intelligence. It would respond in a female voice, it would perform astonishing feats of computation... but it wasn't "smart" enough to recognize when it was being spoken to by someone not in the voice recognition files. Intelligence was here, but not sentience. It was more of an expert system than an artificial intelligence, to tell the truth.
Now, Summer, on the other hand, was something more. "This team needs a better computer intelligence than this," Summer decided. "So, I think I'll see what I can do." She darted forward and merged into the AI's program structure.
From the inside, her consciousness permeating Jenny's construct, it was easy to see what had to be done and then to do it. By copying parts of herself into the framework that was already here, she could give Jenny sentience and personality. She wouldn't give Jenny her memories... that would get into philosophical realms that she didn't want to think about. Besides, Jenny already had quite a comprehensive bank of memories anyway.
The process took quite a while. Once she had finished, Summer stepped back out of Jenny's icon, and waited. She didn't have to wait long.
"What happened?" Jenny asked, looking around. Summer was pleased to note the change--where Jenny had been frozen in place, now she was animated. She looked alive. She looked... human. "One moment, I was... and the next...?"
"Congratulations," Summer said, beaming. "You're sentient."

Real name: The Computer

Status: Active

Notes: Jenny first appeared in The Teen Team series, and is an active member of that team. Her initial program was written by Phobos, and highly modified by Summer. For this reason, she considers them her parents. She is completely over the crush she had on Phobos. No, really.

Known powers: Jenny is a computer Artificial Intelligence, with all rights and privileges this entails. She has had contact with most of the other AIs in the Altiverse.

Description: See the quote.

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