Created by: Mason Kramer

Current author: Mason Kramer


"That would be me, I guess. I am Phobos, Master of Light," says the boy, dramatically. "Ya'll can call me Mason, though, when we're in here and all. Like many scientific genius', I've decided to use my knowledge for the good of mankind and built this suit.
"The suit allows me to redirect, amplify, and diminish light. I can use the redirect and amplification to make a laser, but I can only do a few shots that way. I'm working on the stress levels there, but right now, I wouldn't use it for more than five shots.
"The suit also has a flight pack and force field built in."
"In addition, I'm a computer whiz and electronics genius. And I have the master's degree to prove it."
Daydream Believer says, "A Master's degree in... SCIENCE!?"
"No, Electrical Engineering. UT doesn't offer SCIENCE!"

Real name: Mason Kramer

Status: Active

Notes: Phobos first appeared in The Teen Team series, and is a founding member of that team. He has recently left the Teen Team to work with Team M.E.C.H.A., and stay close to Summer, his would-be girlfriend.

Known powers: As of this writing, Phobos has no powers. He is, however, very bright, and has built several light-based tools into his supersuit. These tools include a force field, invisibility, generation and deprivation of light in small areas, and a laser. He has also built in the ability to fly, but has not, as yet, figured out how to do so without leaving a rainbow trailing behind. He also wrote the code for Jenny, which Summer later modified from an expert system to a true AI.

Description: 5'4", 220 lbs., and totally unashamed of it. Dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Wears a black bodysuit with a silver belt.

Major Appearances:

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