The Dash

Created By: Eric, Lord Sabre

Current Author: Eric, Lord Sabre


Appears In: The Adventures of the Adjusted League Unimpeachable

"Alpha Level superguy, and the most powerful Adjusted League Unimpeachable member taking into account only sheer power. Most likely the second fastest human being on Earth (after Relativity Woman). The Dash is to be treated with the respect her Threat Assessment suggests. However, her communicative difficulties and her relative inability to work as a team member means her tremendous speed is a double edged sword. Ways to make that sword cut the way we want are in order...."

Mega-Intellegence Bureau Assessment

"The Dash's speed and intellegence are strong assets, and her recent difficulties have shown her to be capable with or without her trademark powers. At this time she is most useful on solo missions or sent to carry out solo objectives within group missions. The difficulty inherent in coordinating small-group tactics with a woman who can perform several thousand tasks a second is daunting, to say the least...."

Individual Team Member's Assessment, composed by Trashman

"An astounding and intriguing woman. Possibly the finest opponent I have ever blessed with combat. Her defeat came with great difficulty, and there were suggestions that she was not at her top form at the time. When the inevitable occurs and we once again take the Adjusted League Unimpeachable to task, I shall relish the opportunity to duel her again. And this time, at the top of her form, I shall display her beautiful corpse as a trophy to my skill...."

The Recollections of Egoiste

Real Name: Jane West Garrick-Allen, Ph.D.

Sobriquet: The Fastest Girl You've Met

Status: Active Member of the Adjusted League Unimpeachable. Currently in a relationship with The Masked Bruce. The Dash is very close friends with Relativity Woman. Jane West Garrick-Allen also has a Doctorate in Biochemistry, though she is not actively teaching or conducting research.

Notes: The Dash suffers from an odd disorder related to her powers. There is only so much control she has over her powers -- they are almost always on to some degree or other. As a result, she moves and operates at a speed far beyond most human comprehension even at her slowest. To date, only those characters with accelerated perceptions (such as Relativity Woman) or characters that are somehow focuses of Quantum Absurdity (specifically the Masked Bruce and Unorthodox Girl) can even understand her speech. She can be slowed to a near-normal rate of speed (though she can still use her powers at will) when she is under the influence of a Knopler Effect. She has shown some potential for controlling her powers.

Besides "The Adventures of the Adjusted League Unimpeachable," The Dash had a supporting role in "Yesterday's Hero.

Known Powers: The Dash possesses an accelerated biochemistry which has been further accelerated by a transdimensional, transaltiversal energy matrix. The combination literally makes her the fastest human being on Earth (though popular opinion states that Relativity Woman is the fastest human being). She can, for brief periods of time, exceed the speed of light itself. Most of the time, however, she simply operates at several hundred thousand miles an hour. Her energy matrix allows her to avoid both friction and environmental disaster. Furthermore, when she touches or attacks anyone or anything, the field automatically envelops them, so that a super-fast punch still hits as though a normal person struck. Of course, it is impossible to roll with a blow that comes in milliseconds. The Dash's usual mode of attack is to strike several hundred or thousand times before an opponent can react to the first. At will she can subtract the defensive nature of her energy matrix, allowing her to strike a person at mach nine, for example. The Dash has been known to use her energy matrix to accelerate a portion of her body faster than lightspeed, using the Cherenkov radiation as an indirect energy attack. Her limits are not known. Her enhanced biochemistry also causes her to heal damage and ill effects at a phenomenal rate. She does not seem to age faster than normal.

The Dash has moderate combat training. She is an expert biochemist, though she is out of practice.

Description: The Dash has short red hair and blue eyes. She is slim, with a runner's physique. She wears a short sleeved green bodysuit with a red bar on her chest as her symbol. She is both perky and quirky, with a wry sense of humor. She loves her powers and her role as a superguy.

Origin Story: Origins II: "Dash Away, Dash Away, Dash Away All"

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