Yesterday's Hero

Author: Bill Dickson


"They're too far!" shouted the Sage. "They've got to get to the access ports, or they won't have a chance to use the codes I gave you!"

"They can't stay at altitude," Vaughn countered. "The Hellfire batteries would make mincemeat out of them. They'll skim the surface, get up close, and then-"

"You idiot! They'll never make it-"

"EMP, sir!" the Technician warned. "Holy Xolchipalia, it's huge-"

The speakers burst into life with a series of short-lived screams and buzzings, as the boarders lit up and burst like beetles in a bug lamp. Several, who had been slightly further from the Yesj's hull, spun into space, their uniforms systems locked up.

"They charged the entire hull," the Sage snapped. "They've rigged the ship so they can route the energy from the spinal mount's capacitors into the hull. There's no way your uniforms could handle that kind of pulse, that's why I told you to send them directly-"

"Shut up!" Vaughn roared. "Gunboat three, recover the surviving boarders! All other ships, pull back! Pull back! DAMN!" Another gunboat and three more fighters were blasted from the Yesj's zone of control.

"What the Hell(tm) do we do now?" he whispered. A burst of brimstone particles suddenly carved the port engine open, and the command ship went dark.

Episodes: 5 (January - April 1994)

Major Characters:

Inspired by Eric Burns' treatment of Dangerousman in the Adjusted League Unimpeachable story arc "The Trashman Cometh," this series follows Dangerousman through a downward spiral into depression and denial, to the unpopulated areas of the Moon, into space, and finally to Seattle and a small measure of redemption. In the process, the MIB makes an attempt on his life, he leaves his wife, alienates most of his friends, gets scolded by Stetson Tyler, and battles Satan T. Lucifer Jones and his 6,000 mile long starship.

An uncharactaristically serious piece of Superguy writing, even for Bill Dickson, he nevertheless feels that this is one of his best pieces of work to date, although many people seem to prefer the one where the pirates enter the hydroplane race and blow up lots of small boats with large guns.

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