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Jeemy stepped forward, the others covering Lars with their guns. The goon yanked Lars' right leg up and ripped the sneaker off. He let go, and Lars slowly lowered the foot until it was a mere inch and a half off the ground.

"C'mon, put your foot down so I can get the other one," said Jeemy.

"If you insist," said Lars, smiling broadly, and he did as he was told.

It was only about forty kilotons, but it felt very, very good.

Real name: Lars MacPherson

Status: Retired, but instructing Dangerousgirl of the ALU in the use of her powers. Married to Relativity Woman.

Notes: Dangerousman first appeared in his own self-titled solo series. He played a major role in the Battle of Akron, and has since appeared in a solo miniseries and the Superguy Xerox Project. He recently played a major role in an Adjusted League Unimpeachable storyline, followed almost immediately by another miniseries ("Yesterday's Hero").

Known powers: Through the use of his Extremely Dangerous Power, Dangerousman can cause atomic blasts by stomping his feet. The harder he stomps, the bigger the explosion. As evidenced by the fact that he survives the use of his own power, he is also invulnerable to explosions and radiation. His costume is bullet-proof. It is also designed to protect the general public by converting his natural radioactivity into relatively harmless tasteless colors; an unexpected side effect is that it can induce nausea due to its color scheme. He's quite good in a scrap; he can hit hard and take punches.

Description: 6'3", 230 lbs., muscular. He has classic blond hair/blue eyed good looks, but he is a bit dense and it shows in his face. He's about 26 (b. 1/21/68). His costume is a repulsive radioactive green skin-tight outfit with poison yellow piping and boots and a roiling, red-and-black mushroom cloud on his chest. He has some burn scarring on his back from a fight with Satan T. Lucifer Jones. He was once completely patriotic, having been brainwashed by his government-employed creators. Though no longer quite so simplistic, his concepts of right and wrong are still fairly basic and clear-cut.

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