Lightnin' Hopkins

Created by: Bill Dickson

Current author: Bill Dickson

Email: pickle@awenet.com

The Germans would never be able to stop it before it wrecked half the city. It had already strolled through an apartment building, collapsing it. Thousands could be killed.

He couldn't believe it. Sent to destroy or steal the Germans' new secret weapon, Sergeant Hopkins of the United States Army was about to defend the Germans from that very weapon.

Fortunately, speed ran in the family. But he'd need a bit more freedom of movement.

In a blur of motion he stripped off his street clothes, revealing his red and blue bodysuit underneath, the white lightning bolt bisecting his chest. Fleeing German citizens screamed louder and pushed sideways to avoid him as he streaked into the square, the air howling past his ears. He topped four hundred, then pushed the envelope at four-twenty, snatching up a steel bar as he ran past the wreckage of a tank. The X-1 had detected his approach; it was beginning to react, hydraulics hissing as the twin diesels in its back fed them power. He easily swept underneath its arm and began hammering at its flank with his makeshift club.

Real name: Benjamin Hopkins

Status: Deceased, 4/3/94.

Notes: Lightnin' Hopkins was the grandfather of Relativity Woman. He also once saved a young girl from traffic who later grew up to become the Dash.

Known powers: Lightnin' Hopkins was basically quick and resourceful. How quick was the issue, of course; in his prime, he could push himself to about 500 miles per hour.

Description: A rugged, devil-may-care, World War II hero type, Lightnin' was 6 feet tall and a solid 185 pounds, and fit as a fiddle. He was idealistic in his youth, but when his government apparently turned on him and began working with his longtime foe, Prospero, he became disillusioned and bitter.

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