Relativity Woman

Created by: Bill Dickson

Current author: Bill Dickson

Email: pickle@awenet.com

Golden Grunion Nominations:

After her lunch with the Dash (the food was fantastic), Relativity Woman paused on her way to the Filmore family farm to evacuate sixty-five school kids from a ski lodge that was about to be crushed by an avalanche. She didn't have time to talk with the Filmores, unfortunately, so after irrigating their nearly-dead 1,200 acre crop with a bucket and the water from a stream eighty miles distant (pausing briefly after the 8,724th trip to catch an infant who had fallen from a sixth-story window in Bob City), she left a brief note on their kitchen table along with the appropriate forms to apply for a government grant for water diversion. It was then short work to deliver urgently-needed medical supplies to every hospital in Africa.

Real name: Marjorie Hopkins MacPherson

Status: Active, solo; married to Dangerousman.

Notes: Relativity Woman appeared on and off during the Dangerousman series, first appearing during the Superguy convention in Washington, DC. She fought in the Battle of Akron, and against two Satanic battlecruisers with Lost Author. More recently, she has been seen in a typical day at work during the Dangerousman Superguy Xerox Project story, and then trying to hold her marriage together during the Yesterday's Hero miniseries. She has a close friendship with the Dash of the Adjusted League Unimpeachable.

Known powers: Speed runs in the family. Relativity Woman is capable of moving and reacting at light speed, and of moving others at light speed as well (this almost invariably causes her targets to become extremely ill). She has an astonishing level of control, being able to pick her own or her target's stopping point precisely at great distances, and some aspect of her power prevents damage to her or her target from the acceleration and the friction of travel. There is a weight limit on her ability to use the power against others, which lies somewhere between ! and Surplus Man. She is highly competent in hand-to-hand combat. She also has a resistance or immunity to radiation, which has kept her alive during her marriage to Dangerousman.

Description: 6'0", athletic, extremely well-defined. She is approximately 25 years old. Her eyes are dark brown, and her hair is long and flame red. She is easily one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She wears a skin-tight, silvery, shimmering bodysuit; when she moves away from the observer, it shifts to red, and when she moves toward the observer it shifts to blue. When she or a target arrives or departs at light speed, there is a blue or red flash of light, respectively. She is clever, competent, good at what she does, easy to get along with, and completely devoted to Dangerousman.

Major Appearances:

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