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Pickle, the Lost Author

Alias: William R. Dickson; Bill
Email: pickle@awenet.com
Home Page: http://www.halcyon.com/wrd/

Pickle was born on February 11, 1968 in Troy, NY, and has since become a Regional Desktop Publishing Specialist for the Seattle Area Kinko's, thus proving the worth of a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature with a minor in Political Science. He is inordinately fond of beer, and has been making his own for a while now.

Pickle has been writing for Superguy since its creation (minus a couple leaves of absence). His past series have included Dangerousman and Ramrod, with a small handful of miniseries including "Media Darling," "Ramrod in the Wasteland," and "Yesterday's Hero." His current projects are the Golden Grunion award-winning Team Cynical, starring Ramrod, High Jinx, Rainy Day Woman, and Dynamite Vest Man, and a very rare occasional series, The Pirate Ferry Spokane. Other writing credits include co-authorship of The Internet Explorer Kit for Macintosh, published by Hayden Books in May, 1994.

He currently lives in Seattle, Washington with his PowerBook Duo 210, his CD collection, his two Vespa scooters, and his beer-making equipment. Oh, yeah, and fellow authors the Artiste and Sabre.

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