Dr. Vernhardt Kilohertzmunn

Created by: Bill Dickson

Current author: Bill Dickson

Email: pickle@awenet.com

Alias: Prospero

Status: Deceased

Dr. Vernhardt Kilohertzmunn was a brilliant scientist and inventor. In his twenties and early thirties, under the codename Prospero, he loyally served the Third Reich in Germany and was responsible for the development of many of the most formidible weapons used by the Germans in World War II, including the Vunderplane and the Hopkinsbuster paranormal-tracking missile. His only well-known failure was the immensely powerful X-1 robot, which ran amok in Berlin due to some programming problems.

A wanted war criminal, the United States Government nevertheless employed Dr. Kilohertzmunn in the space program, and later in the Danger Project, where he was responsible for much of the physical design and development of Dangerousman. Convinced that he was working for the right side this time, he was disillusioned when he learned that the government intended to use Dangerousman not to keep the peace, but instead as a means of waging covert nuclear war.

Leaving the Danger Project (and foiling an attempt by Dr. Unethical to kill Dangerousman), Dr. Kilohertzmunn retired. He perished soon afterwards, helping Relativity Woman and the Lost Author to repel an invasion by Satanic warships. In the afterlife, he hangs out in the Pink Iguana Tavern with several deceased superheroes, including his arch-enemy, Lightnin' Hopkins.

Major Appearances:

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