High Jinx

Created by: Dominic White

Current author: Bill Dickson

Email: pickle@awenet.com

"Face it, they've had it," Bennie said. "Second-string players. I can assure you, Clem, Team Cynical is not gonna show up to stop us."

"THAT'S WHERE YOU'RE WRONG!" shouted High Jinx, leaping up from the next table over. With a spring and a double-flip in the air, he planted himself easily next to the would-be robbers' table, his brown outback coat fluttering with the motion, his gas mask and respirator concealing his face. In a lightning-quick move, he withdrew the two halves of his awesomantium trolley staff and assembled them, tapping it once against the floor, catching it on the bounce and holding it next to him like a walking stick.

He did all of this without spilling a drop of his mocha.

Real name: Dominic White

Alias: Hijinks, hijinx, Highjinx, etc. Also once known, briefly, as Demon-Ick while he had temporary powers granted by radiation from a Dangerousman blast.

Status: Active and founding member of Team Cynical.

Notes: High Jinx was one of the original Awesome Force members before leaving to try to track down the missing Ramrod. He returned to the Awesome Force for a while before going solo, battling the original Scarlet Shrubbery, and eventually moving to Sante Fe with his lover, Kim Stone. He was there when he discovered that Ramrod had become an insipid teen-pop icon; enraged, he attempted to kill his former teammate, but was driven off by Ramrod's manager and captor, Ennui.

Eventually tracking Ramrod, months later, to Laurel, Montana, the two reconciled and moved to Seattle, Washington where they eventually became half of Team Cynical.

Known Powers: High Jinx has superhuman reflexes and agility, which is highly useful, and is also a Weirdness Magnet with strange ties to the Silly Dimension, which is the opposite of highly useful. His martial arts skills are nearly unmatched, his balance is almost perfect, and his aim with a thrown knife is superb.

His primary weapon is a collapsible trolley staff -- an awesomeantium staff with small grappling hooks at each end and a long cable inside. The staff can fire the hooks with substantial force and accuracy, and small motors in the staff can trundle it along the cable to aid in climbing tall objects or traversing gaps. While High Jinx is formidable in combat with his bare hands, with his staff he can be devastating. He has been known to parry bullets with it.

Description: High Jinx is about 5'11" and 165 pounds. He has nearly-uncontrollable brown shoulder-length hair and long, limber limbs. When out of costume, he has an easy smile and charming eyes. When in costume, his face is covered up by a menacing gas-mask-style respirator and a pair of goggles given to him by Andy Awesome. The goggles can handle IR, UV, light amplification and damping, zooming, and two-way radio. The rest of his costume consists of a heavy brown outback coat, a brown leather hat with a wide, floppy brim, and black pants and shoes.

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