Dynamite Vest Man

Created by: Jimbo Wales and Bill Dickson

Current author: Bill Dickson

Email: pickle@awenet.com

"There," he said, pointing at a closed door in the corner. "The kitchen. Quickly, girl." San bolted for the door and opened it.

"It's unlocked! Come on!"

Shifting her gaze back and forth, Dog Thing retreated slowly toward the kitchen. The Rockefellers hesitated uneasily, then slowly crept forward.

"My n minus 1 dimensional eyes are not very effective on them," he mused. "And the kitchen door will not keep them out long. But all is not lost." San tugged at Dog Thing's arm, pulling her into the kitchen. He closed the door and bolted it. Turning, she surveyed the contents of the kitchen.

"Little do they know of my secret powers," he murmured.

Real name: Dog Thing

Status: Active and founding member of Team Cynical.

Notes: Having first appeared in her pre-natal solo series "Dog Thing," Dynamite Vest Man did not reappear for several years, until he teamed up with Ramrod and High Jinx shortly before the formation of Team Cynical.

Known powers: Extremely strong and durable. Dynamite Vest Man's mere presence can be disturbing to the sensitive; when someone looks into her n-1 dimensional eyes (that's "n minus one," not "n dash one"), the effect is increased tremendously, and even the bravest hero can be reduced to a quivering, fearful wreck. Additionally, he has total recall (though not the power of knowing everything that her mother had). From Dangerousman, he acquired a powerful resistance, though not an immunity, to explosions. She wears a six-stick dynamite vest, with the detonators wired to a dead-man's switch, and will depress the plunger mainly in last-resort situations; releasing the plunger, on purpose or by accident, detonates the dynamite. He wears a bulletproof costume similar to Dangerousman's, a gift from Andy Awesome. Pre-natally, Dynamite Vest Man exhibited an ability to glow; it is unknown if she still possesses this power.

Description: Son of Dangerousman, daughter of Scary Woman, and offspring of FlatPhoot, Dynamite Vest Man is built like a payloader: approximately 5'9", and a very broad and unlikely 320 lbs, all of it muscle. She is extraordinarily unattractive, with facial features that seem vaguely out of place, brown hair that completely fails to compliment the sinister green of his n-1 dimensional eyes, and limbs that appear to be exactly the wrong length. She moves fairly slowly, and an observer quickly gets disturbed by the way the muscles move, which is not at all natural. His skin is an unappetizing mottled gray, but is usually not visible under the dark gray cloaks she wears when not in costume.

His costume is a tasteful green with attractive yellow piping and boots, and a roiling red and black explosion on the chest, plus the dull gray dynamite vest she wears over it -- open at the front, so the symbol is visible.

Dynamite Vest Man is a friendly but somber soul, whose resentment toward society for his early life as an outcast is beginning to wane. She has a great fondness for pizza, and from his villain parent inherited a spectacular talent for making it. Otherwise, she is a terrible, terrible cook.

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