Picture of Sabre

Eric, Lord Sabre

Alias: Eric Alfred Burns, Rubicon, Buck (his mother only)

E-Mail: sabre@awenet.com

Eric Alfred Burns was born, which, all told, is the best place to start these things. The date of his birth was January 27, 1968 -- which makes him an Aquarius and allows him to share birthdays with Mozart and Charles Limburgh, neither of whom have ever heard of Eric Alfred Burns. He is two days off from the birthday of Robert Burns, a distant ancestor so Eric's told. Eric has honored his famous ancestor by writing and publishing bad poetry and by developing an unhealthy taste for expensive scotch.

Eric's place of birth and rearing was Fort Kent, Maine. He also graduated from the University of Maine at Fort Kent. It is safe to say that Fort Kent and Maine in general have shaped and even scarred the man you see today in the above image, unless you're reading this on a server which doesn't allow for image viewing, in which case Eric looks a lot like the young Sean Connary. If you do have access to the image, don't tell everyone else that Eric looks like a 45 year old hot dog vendor from New York. Let them live the myth.

Eric is the author of several Superguy stories, having been an Sfstory Author during the prehistory of Superguy. He was the creator of Trashman, a series of two full issues which still manages to make him an original Superguy Author. He is the current author of The Adventures of the Adjusted League Unimpeachable and Eric and Bart: The New Adventures of Scholarman and Ignorantman. He is also one of the creators of the Round Robin and Metaworld Projects, and is the author of 2035: A Decidedly Different Superguy Story. 2035 holds the twin distinctions of being the first intentional Superguy novel and actually (against all advice or probablility) having garnered some critical acclaim.

In non-Superguy pursuits, Eric has managed to publish book reviews, several poems, and the odd short story or two. He is also a regular columnist and Prophet for M00se Droppings. He was also the regular writer of "Annotations" for the Bengal Review, though few people have ever heard of that.

Eric has also spent much of his life explaining to people that he has nothing at all to do with the "Eric Burns" who is a 'Corrospondent' on Entertainment Tonight. The unfortunate coincidence of first name and surname between Eric, who has a degree in English Literature and considers himself educated, and Mr. Burns, who pretends that he's a journalist while reviewing network television shows, has caused Eric to insist that his middle name be used in even casual conversation.

Eric's middle name is traditional. It comes from his ancestor, Alfred Burns, who named his first child Alfred Alfred Burns. Each eldest male child since has carried the middle name of Alfred. Alfred Burns -- a sea captain -- was mostly famous for getting drunk on watch, falling overboard, drowning, and being kept by the crew in a pickle barrel (with brine and pickles still within) until they could return to the shores of Maine.

Eric's pride in his family cannot be easily dismissed.

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