The Superguy Authors

Cruising the endless reaches of Altiverse 223DON'TTRYITAUTHORSONLY in an ancient two-thousand-mile-long mouth-harp-shaped starship, gleefully playing pranks on each other, consuming beer and Yoo-Hoo, skiing down the slopes of a titanic mountain made of Nerf, and occasionally writing a story or two, the Superguy Authors are an omnipotent, but highly irresponsible bunch. Accompanied by their competent musae and the entire displaced population of Planet Mitchell (destroyed in a particularly irresponsible prank),the Authors wield unspeakable power, and hold the fates of their characters in their very hands.

Hands which all too often earn the description, "butterfingers."

Chris Angelini - Frobozz

John Bankert - CHAOS Engineer

Yvonne Bennet - The Girl with a Catbunny

Amy Borden - General Chaos

Ben Brown - Another Punk Without a Gun

Lawrence Brown - Amigoid

Eric Alfred Burns - Lord Sabre

Roger Christman - The Mad Planarian

Don Cook - Dr Deranged

Bill Dickson - Pickle

Dave Van Domelen - Dvandom

Gina Donoghue - Author Crash

Mike Escutia - Ergh

Greg Fishbone, Esq - The Last Sane Author

Peg Fisher - Recycle Woman

Lousie Freeman - Thelma, Queen of Bobs

Rob Furr - The Punk Without a Gun

Mason Kramer - *THE* Mason Kramer

Brendan LeFebvre - DM

Chris Meadows - Robotech_Master

David Menendez

Randal Keith Milholland - Knight of NEE!

Philip Moyer

Dirk Myers

Gary Olson - The Swede

Frank Orzechowicz - The Large Manly Man in Wet Clothing

Bill Paul - The Man with Two First Names

Daniel Pawtowski - Gadge

Todd Perlmutter - Elmo

Evan Pongress

Jeff Pruitt

James Rinehart - Mechaman at Large

Jon Roberston - Van

Tad Simmons

Eric Sturgeon - Stirge

Jesse Taylor - Shadowywriter

Dominic White - The Artiste

Chris Wilcox - Creeper

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