Dr. Robert Unethical

Created by: Bill Dickson

Current author: Bill Dickson

Email: pickle@awenet.com

"In retrospect, that incident may turn out to be fortunate," the scientist was saying. "We'd have learned a great deal if the vivisectionhad gone forward as planned, but the effect on the world of taking Dangerousman down now will be much more powerful. With most of the major teams out of commission at the moment, and so much damage caused by one of their own, the disgrace and destruction of a high-profile figure like Dangerousman could help us get a firm grip on public opinion toward paranormals in general. Some reinforcement after that shouldn't be too hard. Then, the sky's the limit: if the Defense Squad becomes a nuisance, we just pull the strings. The public becomes hostile -- toward Wonder Grunion, say, mages are a conveniently easy target right now -- and eventually, they'll provoke an incident, or we will if necessary. We did that all the time in the sixties and early seventies. The Squad looks bad, Loko loses his cool at the wrong time, and voila, open season. We have a great opportunity here."

"So we arrest Dangerousman?" Less said. "Pin something on him?"

"Hell(tm) no, Richard. We kill him."

Status: Active

Notes: Dr. Unethical is a fairly mysterious figure. The person who appears closest to him is Special Special Agent Richard Less of the MIB, but even Less defers to Unethical. Others tend to view him as an extremely powerful man who is absolutely ruthless about carrying out his agenda.

The question, of course, is what that agenda is. Unethical does not work for the MIB, but seems to know just about everything about it, and has the run of its headquarters. He headed up the Danger Project, but doesn't seem to be idle after its cancellation. The truth of the matter is that nobody really knows who he works for, if anybody; only that even those people who aren't terrified of him seem to be unwilling to interfere with him in any way.

Dr. Unethical was in charge of the Danger Project in general, and specifically of the psychological design and implementation of Dangerousman. He has made two attempts since to have Dangerousman destroyed: once by vivisection in the Danger Project's labs in 1989, and once by assassination in 1994. Dangerousman was rescued both times; it is unclear whether Dr. Unethical is waging a vendetta against Dangerousman, or if his death at those times would simply have been convenient to Unethical's agenda.

One thing that is clear is that Unethical has his fingers in some very important pies. What he intends to do with those pies, and whether anybody can get his fingers out of them, remains to be seen.

Description: Dr. Unethical was surprisingly young when he began work on the Danger Project. He now appears to be a very healthy late 50's, but may well be as much as ten years older. The most noteworthy feature about him is his eyes, which are a very cold grey that convey the utter ruthlessness of the man without a trace of guile.

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